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Charles: Follow Islam To Save The World

We almost missed this bit of royal insight from the UK’s Daily Mail:

‘Follow the Islamic way to save the world,’ Prince Charles urges environmentalists

By Rebecca English
10th June 2010

Prince Charles yesterday urged the world to follow Islamic ‘spiritual principles’ in order to protect the environment.

In an hour-long speech, the heir to the throne argued that man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam.

He said the current ‘division’ between man and nature had been caused not just by industrialisation, but also by our attitude to the environment – which goes against the grain of ‘sacred traditions’.

Charles, who is a practising Christian and will become the head of the Church of England when he succeeds to the throne, spoke in depth about his own study of the Koran which, he said, tells its followers that there is ‘no separation between man and nature’ and says we must always live within our environment’s limits.

The prince was speaking to an audience of scholars at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies – which attempts to encourage a better understanding of the culture and civilisation of the religion.

His speech, merging religion with his other favourite subject, the environment, marked the 25th anniversary of the organisation, of which he is patron.

He added: ‘The inconvenient truth is that we share this planet with the rest of creation for a very good reason – and that is, we cannot exist on our own without the intricately balanced web of life around us.

‘Islam has always taught this and to ignore that lesson is to default on our contract with creation.’

Maybe Prince Charles is trying to convince the Mohammedans to stop selling their oil.

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17 Responses to “Charles: Follow Islam To Save The World”

  1. heykev says:

    The Prince has never seemed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Now this. As I mentioned in previous posts, hopefully the queen will pass him by.

    “audience of scholars at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies” <— there's an oxymoron

    • DoctorRock says:

      I’d say they’re a pack of oxymorons. And I can’t see how their level of discourse could be expected to rise above anything you’d catch on the Joy Behar Show. I actually tried to watch her once, and burned my retinas – now my eye doctor forbids it.

  2. JohnMG says:

    …..”the Koran which, he said, tells its followers that there is ‘no separation between man and nature’ and says we must always live within our environment’s limits……”

    This is profound thinking.

    By this stratement I would conclude that sawing someone’s head off with a dull knife, thus depriving that person of oxygen, constitutes living “outside” our environmental limits and would not be in keeping with ‘no separation between man and nature’.

    Hmmmm. That’s in the koran? Interesting

  3. GetBackJack says:

    This is the ultimately confused man.

    He is, simultaneously and without dint of contra-diction …

    Lord Governor of the Church of England
    Lord High Commissioner of the Church of Scotland
    He claims Anglican faith, but … he also ravels each year to Mount Athos to spend time in the Orthodox monasteries there, as well as in Romania, demonstrating his interest in Orthodox Christianity. Along with his father, who was born and raised as Greek Orthodox, Charles is patron of The Friends of Mount Athos, as well as the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies. It is also believed that Prince Charles has an Orthodox icon corner in his house where he keeps the majority of his Orthodox icons. None of this is surprising, as Prince Charles’ father was raised Greek Orthodox, but converted in order to marry his present wife, Queen Elizabeth II. There is so much secrecy surrounding his visits that not much is known about them, many Greeks have been sworn to secrecy regarding his visits. It is reported that in more recent years, even his father, Prince Philip has joined him in occasional retreats to the island.

    But most telling …

    Charles is also patron of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford.

    Perfectly New Age, Transnational, Multi-Cultural, Brain-Cloud addled-pated, bewildered and easily led into dalliances with his own worst enemies.

    Of course.

    What else should we expect of a millennia of in-breeding?

  4. P. Aaron says:

    Howsabout Princey finding a clean beach in Saudi Arabia, or functioning waste-water waste treatment plants in Jordan, Egypt, or Gaza?

  5. joeblough says:

    “The Arab is sometimes called the Son of the Desert, but this is a misnomer as in most cases he is the Father of the Desert, having created it himself. The arid waste in which he lives and on which practically nothing will grow is the direct result of his appalling indolence…. In his campaign of destruction, the Arab has been most loyally supported by his animals, the camel and the goat.”

    Three Deserts (1936) – British High Commissioner of Sinai, Sir Claude Jarvis

    Commenting on the above, and the prevalence of utter despotism throughout the mohammedan cultures, Tom Bethell said:

    And here the intriguing question arises: Is it pure coincidence that deserts flourish where such disincentives have persisted for centuries?

    The mother of all rights; without secure property, the Islamic world can’t escape tyranny and stagnation

  6. U NO HOO says:

    Charles is like an apprentice waiting for the master craftsman to say “I’m retiring,” for 60 years.

  7. jrmcdonald says:

    For over a thousand years, English kings have defended this great Realm. All surrendered in a wimper.

  8. Right of the People says:

    Methinks the royal gene pool needs a filter.

  9. Mithrandir says:

    Only 2 types of people would say something so flowery about Islam:

    1. A complete fool.
    2. A Muslim.

    Which one is Prince Charles? He has been sucking up to Islam worse than Obama, and that is saying a lot!

  10. jonny says:

    They are scared of the mooslims,just like our own guvment.

  11. GL0120 says:

    How can you expect a man who would drop a woman like Diana Spencer for Camille Parker to have an intelligent thought?
    The so called men of the royal family are cowards, they go into the military to get their tickets punched but as soon as fighting starts, they run for mama’s skirts.
    If Charles had an ounce of testosterone in him, he’d lecture the Arabs about matters such as indoor plumbing and respecting the environment!

  12. canary says:

    Prince Charles thinks burning every town that doesn’t convert is good for the environment?

    I guess Prince Charles didn’t see the WTC Towers get destroyed because of the atomic size cloud of dust that covered NYC.

    So, Prince Charles thinks blown up airplanes, body parts, & blood for miles is good for the environment?

    the Quran states that the non-believers will go to hell and will drink boiling water (Q;14:17) …. Those who hide the Scripture will have their bellies eaten with fire. … Those who die in their disbelief will burn forever in the Fire. …. Allah will destroy every town before the Day of Resurrection. …

    Prince Charles should give up his castles and live in a sandy cave or be institutionalized.

    Prince Charles is converting to Islam to keep from burning up, as I’m sure the death threats after world wide news bragged his son is going back to Afganistan and fly a Black Hawk, jeopardizing fellow soldiers again.
    Prince Charles is a sick b******.

  13. confucius says:

    Charles reminds me of Obama.

    -large ears
    -large noses
    -fugly wives
    -pampered heirs to power

    • proreason says:

      – tone deaf
      – contemptuous of the people in his own country
      – arrogant
      – disfunctional family history
      – bubble boys
      – unfamiliar with work
      – hatred of capitalism

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