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Chavez Blames “Vast Rightwing Conspiracy”

From his tireless boosters at the Associated Press:

Chavez denounces critics of TV shutdown

By FABIOLA SANCHEZ, Associated Press Writer, Fri Jun 1

CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez has claimed that a right-wing conspiracy led by Washington is out to demonize his government for forcing an opposition TV channel off the air.

The government refused to renew the license of Radio Caracas Television, or RCTV, forcing the channel off the air Sunday and sparking both angry protests at home and condemnation abroad from governments, press freedom groups and international organizations.

Speaking during an event Thursday with the visiting leader of Vietnam’s communist party, Chavez said “international rightist, extreme-rightist and fascist movements are attacking Venezuela from everywhere — from Europe, the United States, Brasilia.”

He targeted Brazil’s Senate for approving a motion earlier in the day including a call for Chavez to reopen the channel.

“Nobody should interfere,” Chavez said, accusing lawmakers in Brazil of “repeating like a parrot what is said in Washington.”

“To those representatives of the Brazilian right, I say that it is much, much, much more probable that the Portuguese empire will again install itself in Brasilia than that the Venezuelan government will return the expired (broadcast) concession to the Venezuelan oligarchy,” Chavez said…

Hugo sounds more like Hillary every day.

And of course, vice versa.

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