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Chavez Goes Home For Independence Party

From a hoarse from cheering Reuters:

Chavez back in Venezuela for independence bash

By Brian Ellsworth
July 5, 2011

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela marks the 200th anniversary of its independence on Tuesday with President Hugo Chavez back in his palace after a triumphant return from Cuba, where cancer surgery created lingering fears about his health.

What a perverse way to celebrate one’s "independence" – by cheering a dictator.

His return from Havana has allowed him to reassert control over the South American OPEC member but not dispelled concerns his condition may crimp his capacity to rule and prevent him from fully campaigning for a 2012 presidential election.

In other words, Reuters and the rest of the news media are worried they might lose one of their foremost champions.

"I must submit for a while to strict medical and scientific controls," Chavez told a delirious crowd of supporters in a homecoming speech late on Monday from his palace balcony.

And that was just the members of the news media.

An aggravation of his illness could create political chaos in the oil exporting nation, where neither allies nor adversaries have designated leaders to succeed his charismatic rule, which has dominated Venezuela for 12 years…

Ever notice how the news media always attribute the iron-fisted rule of dictators to ‘charisma’?

Chavez last week shocked the nation of 29 million with a terse statement saying he had been operated on for cancer, following a June 10 operation to remove a pelvic abscess.

"You have no idea how much I cried that day," said Denis Leon, 40, a government worker, outside the presidential palace where Chavez appeared to thousands of cheering supporters.

"Now all of those (opposition sympathizers) who wished him dead are the ones crying," he added

Mr. Leon sounds like the government workers in our country.

On Monday, Chavez made his first appearance at home in almost a month on his palace balcony, the same spot where he greeted supporters after a botched 2002 coup against him. He rallied the crowd in an example of the political showmanship that has made him famous in Latin America and the world

If your idea of "showmanship" is a dictator giving yet another long-winded speech.

Citing doctors’ orders, he said he might skip Tuesday’s celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Venezuela’s independence, an event central to his self-styled socialist revolution inspired by independence hero Simon Bolivar.

He has prepared for the anniversary for years…

By destroying Venezuela’s independence.

Opposition leaders, who have spent more than a decade pillorying his personalized state-centric leadership, have struggled to develop a coherent response to his illness.

They do not want to appear to be reveling in his suffering, but desperately need to take advantage of the moment after repeatedly failing to unseat him through mass demonstrations, a failed 2002 coup and a two-month oil industry shutdown

Or rigged elections.

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2 Responses to “Chavez Goes Home For Independence Party”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Boy, how much have you effed up your country when you have to go Cuba for good medical care?

    We, I’ll tell you. It’s not that Venezuela, a formerly first world country, has been driven into a ditch so much as Cuba is the unseen underground off-book banking capital of this hemisphere.

    Or, didn’t you ever wonder why America’s policy makers went all over the damn world to dislodge Communism and defeat it but left a solidly Communist haven intact 90 miles off-shore? Talk about a short supply-line war. B ut, nooo … CUBA = Untouchable.

    Why is that?

    Read up on the Mob, Capone, Mexico’s Cardenas syndicate Family, EVERYONE’s connections through Cuba for laundering staggering sums from half a dozen lines of black market criminal global criminal enterprises – from gun running to drugs to human trafficking to a very brisk trade in Intellectual Property rings, the REAL offshore account banks, not the sleight-of-hand banks in the Caymans and Bermuda. … you name it, Cuba launders it.

    Or, to quote Holmes, Cuba … the intersection of East/West/America/Russia/religion/banks and power. I mean Holmes – the dog that never barks.

    And Cuba has leading edge medical facilities. You just never heard about it from our One-Voice State Media. (and neither have their residents)

    • Right of the People says:


      You never hear about it because it isn’t for the regular citizens of Cuba. They built their medical system to service the dictators and other various scumbags of the world, they’re the ones with the money.

      I blame Kennedy for the mess we have with Cuba presently. If only he’d supplied the air support and naval bombardment he’d promised the Cuban troops the CIA trained in Florida for the Bay of Pigs Cuba would be a free country.

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