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Chavez Punishes 80 Firms For Power Use

From his unfazed fans at Reuters:

Venezuela punishes 80 firms for power use

By Andrew Cawthorne

CARACAS, March 21 (Reuters) – Venezuela announced on Sunday 24-hour power cutoffs for dozens of companies that have failed to reduce usage in the first punitive measures of a nationwide drive to save energy amid an electricity crisis.

Restaurants, liquor stores, hotels, gyms, car dealerships and a yacht club were on the list of 80 firms in the capital Caracas due to have their power cut on Monday for failing to bring consumption down 20 percent, the state utility said.

The local unit of Japanese firm Sony Corp (6758.T) will also be among those sanctioned.

President Hugo Chavez’s government has introduced rationing, and demanded power cuts across the South American OPEC member, to cope with an electricity shortage that is jeopardizing Venezuela’s ability to pull out of a recession

Polls show Chavez’s traditionally high popularity, especially among the poor, is suffering from the power crisis.

The latest survey, by Alfredo Keller and Associates, which is perceived by many to favor the opposition, gave Chavez a 43 percent approval rating, saying it was his lowest since 2003.

Only 26 percent thought the government was taking the right measures in the electricity campaign, according to the poll, made public on Sunday by private TV network Globovision…

"This (opposition) campaign has, of course, one single aim: declare Hugo Chavez guilty of everything, even the drought," the leftist leader wrote in a regular Sunday column he pens.

"Indeed, I would love to have the powers I’m accused of by the opposition to defeat this situation which not only hurts Venezuela but the whole world as a result of the destructive voracity of the capitalist system."

In a carrot-and-stick approach to businesses, state power firm Electricidad de Caracas also published a list of 81 companies that had surpassed the 20 percent reduction target.

If the companies to be sanctioned on Monday do not improve their energy-saving performance in the future, they face a three-day cutoff then possible indefinite power suspension

Needless to say, we are hurtling to this future. And we won’t even have the excuse of a drought.

Instead, ours will be brought about by self-imposed restrictions to prevent ‘global warming.’

Which of course is just another way to bring down “the destructive voracity of the capitalist system.”

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2 Responses to “Chavez Punishes 80 Firms For Power Use”

  1. BillK says:

    Just wait until the EPA decides to “punish” auto plants for using too much power.

    Non-Union auto plants, of course.

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    Ya know, apart from the swarms of illegals that need to be added to the rosters, these guys sound just like us. HEY! I got it, thats how we stop illegal immigration! Turn this country in to such a raving communist/fascist shite hole that no one will want to sneak in.

    In any case this tends to reinforce a rule I have lived by. If its forced on bme because its for my own good, the benefit of the children, or can save the environment, I want no part of it. Take a look at how those tiny little impositions we allowed the gov’t to force on us for those three things have gone out of control. Venezuela is a fairly extreme example, but how far away are we?

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