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Chavez, Oliver Stone Launch Hostage Rescue

From those lovers of dictators (and directors) at the Associated Press:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (R) and U.S. film director Oliver Stone talk to the media as they arrive at Santo Domingo’s Airport December 28, 2007.

Chavez launches hostage mission

By TOBY MUSE, Associated Press Writer Sat Dec 29

VILLAVICENCIO, Colombia – A sensitive mission to retrieve three hostages from the rebel-held jungle this weekend entered a key phase as two helicopters sent by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Colombia.

Wearing the red beret and fatigues of his paratrooper days, Chavez was accompanied by American filmmaker Oliver Stone and a group of international observers to see the helicopters off.

“I‘m hoping it works,” said Stone, a fan of the socialist leader who said he was there to film “a documentary about Latin America and also about North America.”

Chavez said former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner and the other observers would follow the helicopters to Villavicencio, about 50 miles south of Bogota, as soon as the Venezuelans receive word from the guerrillas about where to pick up the hostages.

For security reasons, Chavez said, the rebels have demanded that the Venezuelan pilots not be told where they will fly until they are airborne. The pickup could happen anytime this weekend, according to the latest information from those involved…

Now this could make for a great movie.

A black comedy.

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