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Chavez Threatens To Stop Oil Shipments

But what about all those poor people he is helping in Boston?

From Deutsche Presse-Agentur:

Chavez: ‘Venezuela could stop oil deliveries to US’

Caracas – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as part of a worsening tit-for-tat diplomatic dispute between Washington and Caracas has said his country could halt all oil deliveries to the United States.

‘It would be easy for us to shut all our refineries in the USA,’ said Chavez in a speech late Saturday to thousands of supporters marking the anniversary of the 1992 coup attempt which he led.

Venezuela is the third-largest oil supplier to the US. All US- bound oil, Chavez said, would instead be diverted to other countries if Washington cuts diplomatic relations with Caracas.

Chavez, a leftist populist whose growing influence in Latin America is viewed warily in Washington, also said he would defy a US veto blocking the sale of Spanish and Brazilian military aircraft to Venezuela by ‘buying even more weapons’.

The already clouded relations between Chavez and the US have worsened following the expulsion last Thursday from Venezuela of John Correa, naval attache at the US embassy in Caracas, on charges of espionage.

The US responded Friday by ordering a senior Venezuelan diplomat in Washington to leave the country, while Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has linked Chavez to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

‘Countries often come to us, wanting to buy our oil,’ Chavez told followers in Caracas. ‘Countries like China and India, countries from Europe and also countries from America.’

‘We would see then how much the price of fuel (in the US) would rise,’ he said, despite adding that he did not wish to reach such an extreme situation.

‘We want to be left in peace. That this imperialistic country once and for all would accept, that Venezuela is not a colony of the US and never will be,’ Chavez told followers in Caracas. Venezuela, according to Chavez, delivers 1.5 million barrels of oil to the US per day.

Citgo, the US subsidiary of the Venezuelan state oil concern Petrobras, has eight refineries and around 14,000 fuel stations in the US.

Maybe Mother Sheehan will put in a good word for us.

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