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Chavez To Punish Disloyal Party Members

From his undying fans at the Associated Press:

Pro-Chavez lawmakers plan to punish dissidents


February 9, 2010

CARACAS, Venezuela — Legislators allied with President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday they plan to adopt rules that will punish any lawmaker who abandons the socialist leader.

The announcement came after Chavez urged members of his United Socialist Party of Venezuela to pick candidates for congressional elections in September who "aren’t going to jump ship" after the voting

Government opponents say the initiative is aimed at intimidating lawmakers elected to the unicameral National Assembly on pro-Chavez platforms so they won’t shift to the opposition.

Chavez’s allies counter that legislators who leave the party that helped them get elected commit an immoral act because they are subverting the will of the voters who cast ballots in their favor.

"If somebody gets into the assembly through a party, whose supporters backed him, and later jumps ship, he’s committing treason against his constituency, and that treason against his constituency must be punished," Escarra said.

Pro-Chavez parties won all 167 assembly seats in 2005 after major opposition parties boycotted the election. But 11 of those lawmakers have since broken with Chavez and his left-leaning coalition, citing what they call his authoritarian tendencies.

Wilmer Azuaje, one of the dissident legislators, said Chavez is using the new rules to warn potential congressional candidates because he fears more lawmakers could shift loyalty — especially if domestic problems like electricity rationing and double-digit inflation worsen.

"It’s intimidation," Azuaje said. "I see it as a message for his allies, to say to them: ‘If you jump, you’ll be punished.’"

Opposition parties hope to make a strong showing in September’s vote by holding Chavez responsible for the country’s struggles with power shortages, rampant crime and a currency devaluation widely expected to push inflation above last year’s 25 percent.

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like Mr. Chavez’s Venezuela is the test lab for Mr. Obama’s America? After all, how long will it be before the Democrats’ so-called ‘Blue Dogs’ will be getting similar threats?

That is, assuming they aren’t facing them already.

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4 Responses to “Chavez To Punish Disloyal Party Members”

  1. GL0120 says:

    Of course they’re facing them already; remember “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.”
    Grammatically incorrect, but right no the money.
    Score is being kept; it’s just that after several elections where democrats were shown the door even after The Chosen One campaigned for them, other democrats are seeing that the score may not matter.
    There’s a scent of fear wafting out of Washington; foreign leaders smell it as well as many democrats. Governorships have been lost and a seat that was once considered to be the property of the Kennedy family is gone.
    A game that was once considered locked up is now in play.

  2. MinnesotaRush says:

    Ya’ don’t suppose o-blah-blah’s old man ever got over to Venezuela while in a drunken jag and squired a son who was named Hugo, do ya’???

  3. GetBackJack says:

    The South American franchisee of S.P.E.C.T.R.E., otherwise known as the Democratic Party.

  4. NoNeoCommies says:

    Venezuela just sounds so much like like Democratland that it is scary.
    Dems punish any heresy harshly.
    They reward treason when someone jumps to their party, but try to destroy any defectors from theirs.
    Not that Republicans don’t also welcome turncoats or shun traitors (they just aren’t as extreme).

    I strongly suspect that Democrats would change the rules to officially punish party jumpers if they thought they would hold a majority long enough.

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