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Chavez Warns About Dismantling Welfare State

From the Associated Press:

Fears abound ahead of close Venezuelan elections

By FABIOLA SANCHEZ | Wed October 3, 2012

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan voters Luis Gustavo Marin and Dunia Nessi are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but as Sunday’s election draws closer they both fear what will happen if their candidate loses.

Marin, the security chief for a judge and a firm supporter of President Hugo Chavez, worries that opposition candidate Henrique Capriles will launch a violent purge of Chavez supporters if he wins. If the president prevails, Nessi, a 62-year-old accountant, believes violent crime that has run rampant under Chavez will spiral even further out of control

It’s like in our country. Except that the Republicans never purge the bureaucracy of Democrats.

Fear of every stripe, in fact, permeates the intensely polarized campaign, with many votes to be decided based not on the candidates’ promises but rather on what worries people most. Capriles has intentionally avoided stoking voter fears.

"There will be neither hate, nor revenge, nor payback" if he is elected, Capriles told a rally Wednesday in Maracaibo, the country’s second city.

But Chavez has taken an opposite tack by continuously warning of chaos and the dismantling of the generous welfare state he built if he is voted out of office

Which is pretty much what we hear from the socialists in our country. Including our President.

For the first time facing such a formidable challenger, Chavez has painted a dire picture of a Venezuela returning to its stratified past when it was ruled by greedy elites, which Chavez says Capriles represents.

"I believe that this is true, if the Venezuelan bourgeoisie tries to apply this package Venezuela could see a civil war," Chavez said last month at a rally in Charallave in central Venezuela.

Chavez repeats almost daily that his opponent would take away benefits funded in part by nearly $1 trillion in income from petroleum exports over the past decade, no matter that Capriles has pledged to leave the programs alone. Free medical care, subsidized food and other entitlements have helped lift tens of thousands of people out of poverty, government figures show.

"They would take away health care, food, pensions," Chavez told supporters Tuesday at a rally in the western city of Barquisimeto

Which is eerily similar to what we hear from Obama and from his surrogates.

In fact, once again, we have to wonder if David Axelrod isn’t running Mr. Chavez’s campaign, too.

For their part, Chavez critics point to what they say is a coordinated attempt to shut them up and force them to back the president.

Some government workers have said they worry about losing their jobs if they support Capriles. Fears of retribution for not backing Chavez first emerged in 2004 when a ruling party deputy released a list of some 2 million people who had supported a referendum against the president. Many complained then that state employees on the list were fired. The national government employs at least 2.4 million people.

Adding to those fears, some suspect their ballots won’t be kept secret, despite assurances to the contrary from the Chavez-dominated National Electoral Council…

Again, the parallels are striking.

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One Response to “Chavez Warns About Dismantling Welfare State”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I’m surprised that Obama hasn’t endorsed Chavez yet returning the favor.

    If Romney wins, Holder needs to be prosecuted for all of his sins, the EPA, HHS, Dept of Education and probably another dozen I can’t think of at the moment need to be defunded then dissolved. Plus there are hundreds of appointed judges and other officials that need to go.

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