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Chicago Cops Won’t Respond To Property Crimes

From CBS’s Chicago affiliate, WBBM:

Chicago Police Changing Response Plan For Some 911 Calls

By Jim Williams | February 4, 2013

CHICAGO (CBS) – Starting this week, Chicago police are changing their responses to 911 calls. They’ll no longer come right away to reports of things like criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, and the victim isn’t in immediate danger.

In other words, Chicago has just declared ‘open season’ on property theft. And yet we are being told we don’t need guns to protect ourselves or our property.

Of course, we might be looking at this way the wrong way. This is could be another way Democrats are helping to facilitate the redistribution of wealth.

The move will free up the equivalent of 44 police officers a day for patrol duties…

So they can write more parking tickets, which after all, is a revenue stream. Unlike, say, catching burglars, who end up costing the city money.

On the block where burglars broke into a home on Christmas Day, Carmen Curio has a strong opinion on the city’s new 911 response plan.

“I think that’s ridiculous. I think if there’s a burglary, they’ve got to come. It’s what we pay for. They have to come,” she said…

Just because you pay endless taxes to the city, don’t think the city is obligated to do anything for you.

Police said they will still respond to 911 burglary calls if the suspect is at the scene, or they’re if convinced the criminal can be arrested right away.

These are the public sector union employees, who are driving Chicago into bankruptcy, are basically saying: ‘We can’t be bothered with your petty problems.’

But try driving five miles an hour over the speed limit, and see what happens to you.

[Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said] he is making those decisions because of the city’s financial woes.

McCarthy said Chicago police respond to 70 percent of 911 calls, compared to 30 to 50 percent in other cities

Which is why it is often better to have a 9mm in hand than 911 on the phone.

Meanwhile, there’s this on the revenue side of the ledger, from the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Sneaker tax? Illinois considers a 25-cent charge

By Kurt Erickson | February 4, 2013

SPRINGFIELD — The cost of a new pair of basketball shoes could jump by 25 cents under a proposal floated this week by an Illinois lawmaker.

They are so creative when it comes to finding more ways to take our money.

State Rep. Will Davis, D-Hazel Crest, wants to create a new tax that would generate an estimated $3 million annually for a youth job preparation program. He said the added cost would likely go unnoticed by most consumers, while helping finance a program for kids during tight budget times.

“Everywhere, funding is challenged,”Davis said. “I see it as a uniquely creative way of helping youth.” …

Isn’t it funny how taxes are always going to ‘help the children’?

Under the proposal, consumers buying any kind of athletic shoe would pay an extra 25 cents. Proceeds from the new tax would be earmarked for the state’s YouthBuild programs…

[In] YouthBuild participants can learn basic construction skills while they build homes for low-income residents…

And hopefully they will also learn Spanish, so they can deal with all the illegal aliens who have all of the construction jobs.

Rob Karr, senior vice president of Illinois Retail Merchants Association, said the organization will fight the proposal because it would create an unnecessary amount of additional paperwork for store owners.

“It imposes significant administrative burdens on the retailer,” Karr said…

But this tax is for the children!

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One Response to “Chicago Cops Won’t Respond To Property Crimes”

  1. Umjammerlammy says:

    Sane residents of Chicago (if there are any left), this would be your clue to pack up quietly and leave.

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