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Chicago More Dangerous Than Iraq, Afghanistan

From Breitbart:

‘Chiraq’: Chicago Becoming More Dangerous Than Terror-Torn Iraq

By Warner Todd Huston | April 23, 2014

During the first two weeks of nice temperatures in Chicago this year–which included Easter weekend–the city was beset with some 100 shootings with nearly a dozen dead. This intense violence has earned the Windy City a brand new nickname bestowed by its own citizens: "Chiraq."

Over Easter weekend, there were 45 separate shooting victims in Chicago, four of which died. The previous weekend saw 35 shootings in only 36 hours that resulted in several more deaths. There were even more shootings and deaths during the intervening days between the weekends, as well…

Many of those killed were teens and preteens. In one incident, four girls between 11 and 15 years of age and one teen boy were shot by gang members at a city playground.

Children are being killed? Where is the outrage? (Not in the mainstream media. See below.)

On top of the ingrained gang violence, a "rapper" war of sorts is also raging. One rapper, Mario "Big Glo" Hess was gunned down a week ago, hit by ten bullets. Big Glo joined two other rappers who were killed by rivals on the streets of the city.

But the "rapper war" is only a minor part of "Chiraq," as gangs continue their warfare as they attempt to take over each other’s drug territories.

Huh. We were told back in January that murders were down because the gangs had finally settled on re-drawn borders and settled their differences. (And the drop in murders had nothing to do with the cold weather.)

Meanwhile, not a single American solider died in either Iraq or Afghanistan in March, and only 13 died in the previous two months. On the other hand, 76 Chicagoans have been murdered thus far in 2014.

‘US out of Chicago!’

But where is the outrage from our media guardians?

From Media Research Center:

44 People Shot in Rahm Emanuel’s Bloody Chicago; CBS Ignores

By Scott Whitlock | April 22, 2014

Forty four people were shot over the weekend in a bloody epidemic sweeping Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago. Yet, CBS has, thus far, ignored the ignored the crime wave. In contrast, ABC’s Good Morning America and [NBC Today] on Tuesday both briefly covered the violence in the city run by Barack Obama’s former chief of staff.

Notice that even the networks that mentioned this only did so on their morning shows, which nobody watches.

GMA news reader Dan Abrams explained, "Special authorities are creating a special crime-fighting unit in Chicago after a shocking spike in street violence." He noted that among the victims were "six children and two more teenagers overnight."

On Today, Willie Geist explained that five children were shot in a park on Easter Sunday. Even though CBS allowed no time for tragic news out of Chicago, the network’s morning show devoted four minutes to a possible maple syrup shortage…

Our one party media don’t want to make Rahm Emanuel look bad. The man is going to be President some day. (When it is his turn.)

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, April 24th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Chicago More Dangerous Than Iraq, Afghanistan”

  1. dasher says:

    Welcome back Steve – hope you enjoyed your time off!


  2. Astravogel says:

    Wife and I were in Chicago last week. Lots of potholes on Ashland Avenue,
    on the North Side. Depessing were all the signs along the way and in the
    neighborhoods which advocated not shooting children. We wouldn’t even
    venture into Southside, except to get on I-57. Is there a solution? Probably
    not, considering the fact that the city is a defacto Democratic City-State.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Many of those killed were teens and preteens. In one incident, four girls between 11 and 15 years of age and one teen boy were shot by gang members at a city playground.

    Children are being killed? Where is the outrage? (Not in the mainstream media. See below.)


    Not only that, how many were african-american who were shot by white hispanics?

    Th3e black-on-black murder rate grows by leaps and bounds but Holder, et al prefers to focus his attention on how whites are all so racist.

    I am giving up. My life now is geared more towards just doing my own thing and to hell with what everybody else says.

  4. heykev says:

    Having lived in or near to Chicago most of my life, I can try explain how this problem began.

    When the Democrats within Cook County decided to demolish the public housing high-rise apartments. Instead they would move the inhabitants to housing spread throughout the city. One of the unintended consequences of this was that instead of having gangs with well-defined “turfs” they were co-located within specific areas. This prompted one gang to try and increase their areas of control and in turn precipitated a never ending cycle of retaliation.

    In reality, Chicago is a relativity safe city – providing you avoid some very specific areas – Austin, Humbolt Park, Englewood, Grand Crossing, South Shore. When visiting, as long as you stay in the Loop, Wrigleyvile, Gold Coast and Lincoln Park you (should) be fine.

    On Chicago’s South Side, in neighborhoods like Englewood, Auburn and Woodlawn, has some of the city’s highest concentrations of murders. In the Austin neighborhood alone more the 450 homicides have occurred in this West Side neighborhood over the past 12 years. Interestingly, Hyde Park – the affluent area our Dear Leader resides in had less than one homicide per year (annualized over a 12 year stretch).

    For more information and a really nice graphic, read this article from the NY Times (of all places) http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/03/us/a-soaring-homicide-rate-a-divide-in-chicago.html?_r=0

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