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Chicago Kids Get Escorted Across Gang Borders

From a completely unfazed Associated Press:

Guards help escort Chicago kids to new schools

By DON BABWIN | August 26, 2013

CHICAGO (AP) — Thousands of Chicago children whose schools were shuttered last spring walked to new ones on the first day of school Monday under the watchful eye of police officers and newly hired safety guards there to provide protection as the kids crossed unfamiliar streets – many of them gang boundaries.

This is one of the most disgusting sentences we have ever read from a mainstream news media source. And what is so revolting about it, is how easily the AP is accepting this. As if it is a perfectly normal thing to do. As if this the best that can be done about the situation.

No incidents of trouble were reported, police said. While that didn’t surprise parents and grandparents, they said they were still concerned that the city’s obvious show of first-day force won’t keep their children safe in the weeks and months to come…

The city has to ‘show force’ in order for kids to be able to go to school? But there isn’t a single story from the Jim Crow South to match this nightmare.

Even at the height of segregation the authorities didn’t have to escort so many school kids, and do it every day, just to keep them from being killed.

Kathy Miller stood in front of Gresham Elementary with her three children, waiting for a bus that would take them to another school. She scoffed at the Safe Passage program, in which guards clad in neon vests line Chicago streets, saying it won’t be long before brightly colored signs announcing the program’s routes will be riddled with bullets.

"Those signs don’t mean nothing," she said…

Maybe the problem lies with people like Ms. Miller. Who have let their children and their neighborhoods descend to such hellish depths. But you can bet she has voted the straight Democrat ticket all her life. Or someone has voted for her.

For months, parents, teachers and community activists have warned that forcing children to pass through some of the city’s more impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods – where some already walking in the middle of the street to avoid being ambushed by gang members – to get to school puts them at undue risk.

Un-real. This is not America.

Statistics suggest those concerns are valid. An analysis of Chicago crime data by WBEZ-FM found that in 2013, there have been 133 shootings and 38 homicides in and around areas that have been newly marked as Safe Passage routes…

With the hope of preventing problems, the financially strapped city hired 600 workers at a rate of $10 an hour to supplement a Safe Passage program that has existed since 2009, – launched the same year a Chicago honors student’s beating death was videotaped.

And never mind that $10 an hour is below what the left has determined to be a ‘living wage.’ ($12.50 an hour.) Still, it’s one way to buy some more votes. And it is certainly easier to do this than to try to stop the real problems of drugs and gangs.

Police worked with residents and CPS to map out routes near 52 of the so-called "welcoming schools" that are taking in students from the closed schools. Along those routes, the city has put up scores of "Safe Passage" signs…

Again, this is simply un-real. It sounds like something from some future dystopia novel.

Meanwhile, Rahm Emanuel and the rest of the Democrats ignore the real problems that are causing this. The thug culture, that is due to drugs and gangs and lack of respect for women. In fact, the Democrats do worse than ignore the problem. They encourage it.

After all, what are Obama and Holder doing even as we speak? They are trying to import more gang members with amnesty. They are trying to free drug dealers from prison and shorten drug sentences. And they even celebrate the rappers and movie stars who act as thug role models for these kids.

Oh, and they are also trying to take away our ability to defend ourselves.

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6 Responses to “Chicago Kids Get Escorted Across Gang Borders”

  1. Petronius says:

    Anyone who still believes we live in a civilized society has not been paying attention.

  2. captstubby says:

    “Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph”
    ― Robert E. Howard

    I’m afraid this may actually be a valid statement.

    every day we see more proof.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    And to think we look down at Mexico.

  4. mr_bill says:

    All the usual “leaders” and “community activists” and those who “represent” the “black community” are conspicuously absent on this issue. La Raza isn’t out putting on a fight against the mexican mafia or latin kings. nerobama doesn’t lament that “hiz peoples” are being killed in the streets of his own neighborhood. Complete and utter silence on the issue from the people who brought us this woeful kind of diversity.

    None of the trayvon protesters are actually afraid of wearing a hoodie in a white neighborhood, but you can bet your skittles they’re afraid of walking down the street in some gang-infested neighborhoods. They know they’ll be assaulted and likely murdered by somebody who is dressed like trayvon. Yet, you never see them march en masse to run drug dealers out of their neighborhoods or to support family values. Instead, they choose to protest for the corpse of a dead wanna-be gangster who picked a fight with the wrong guy. They;re supporting the kind of guy who brings illegal guns into neighborhoods, starts fights, sells drugs, and commits the kinds of crime that make decent people move away. Is it any wonder that their neighborhoods are filled with criminals like trayvon?

    If I woke up tomorrow and found myself president, my DoJ would be busy putting gangs out of business: both through prevention and incarceration (and not the tv-watching, weight-lifting, commissary-eating kind of incarceration. I mean chain gangs cleaning grafiti, picking up trash, fixing all those roads nerobama keeps whining about. They can live in tents like Sheriff Arpaio uses.) I don’t just mean the bloods and crips. I mean all the gangs: drug traffickers, general na’erdowells, human smugglers, biker gangs, and all the other gangs you can think of. I’m tired of it and I don’t even live near that kind of neighborhood. There’d be big trouble if I had to deal with that kind of crap on a daily basis.

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