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Chicago, NYC, LA Prosecute Fewest Gun Crimes

From US News and World Report:

Chicago, Los Angeles, New York Prosecuted Fewest Federal Gun Crimes

By Elizabeth Flock | March 28, 2013

The districts that contain Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City ranked last in terms of federal gun law enforcement in 2012, according to a new report from Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, which tracks federal data.

A group that we suspect are hardly right-wingers.

Federal gun crimes include illegal possession of a firearm in a school zone, illegal sale of a firearm to a juvenile, felon, or drug addict, and illegal transport of a firearm across state lines. In Chicago, the majority of gun charges last year were for firearms violations.

The districts of Eastern New York, Central California, and Northern Illinois ranked 88th, 89th and 90th, respectively, out of 90 districts, in prosecutions of federal weapons crimes per capita last year.

And, lest we forget, these areas also have some of the most strict gun laws in the country. (Something US News is forced to admit below.) As well as some of the highest numbers for gun crimes.

So how will more laws help, if they won’t even enforce the laws they already have on the books?

But it wasn’t always this way. All three districts fell lower on the list than they had been in years past. In 2010, for example, Chicago was 78th in federal weapons prosecutions.

So Chicago is getting worse instead of better under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

These cities also have some of the nation’s most restrictive gun laws, as well as the most active mayors in championing gun control. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are all members of the national Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign…

Isn’t irony ironic? But, apparently, it’s a lot easier to make speeches than to actually govern responsibly.

Which is something that our President also seems to have discovered.

While the districts that ranked lowest last year for federal gun crime prosecutions all contained major cities, the districts at the top of the list for its enforcement were almost exclusively rural. The districts of Southern Alaska, Kansas and Western Tennessee ranked first, second and third in prosecutions of federal weapons laws per capita last year…

Isn’t that amazing. These are areas that are governed by ‘bitter clingers.’

Susan Long, a statistician and co-director of TRAC, said the data revealed a stronger federal enforcement presence in rural areas than urban ones. "If taxpayers of [a certain area] don’t pass strong gun control measures … the feds pick up the ball," she said. "But now we’ve got sequestration cutting back on all these resources."

The U.S. court system has said that sequestration will have a major impact on the federal judiciary, including the furlough of some court employees, cuts to the federal defenders’ office and fewer probation officers for criminal offenders.

What a laugh. This article is trying to blame (as yet unrealized) sequester cuts for any (yet unrealized) future drop in prosecutions. But maybe it’s just US News’ way of trying to ‘make up’ for reporting this untimely information in the first place.

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4 Responses to “Chicago, NYC, LA Prosecute Fewest Gun Crimes”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s not actually said but can be easily inferred (except by those in Rio Linda) is that the national socialists want more laws to control you but have no intention of enforcing such laws when it comes to their fellow travelers.

    They prefer that the criminals take over because they, themselves are criminals. Godless, worshiping only each other in that all-too-familiar gangster-style where they have mutual “respect” over dirty deeds done dirt-cheap. Like when mob bosses have a “sit-down” with each other.

    The rampant corruption has replaced individual credibility which takes a lifetime to forge. Once again, they seek the immediate gratification of peer-group recognition (a falsity in and of itself) in place of the harder, more strenuous task of building a career and reputation on honesty and integrity.

    Doing the right thing is often very difficult. Doing the popular thing is often the easiest path. And to quote Dwight D Eisenhower, “That which is right isn’t always popular and that which is popular isn’t always right”.

    So…”leaders” of these fine socialist environs, let me know how it all works out for you because your secularism and preference for mutual back-slapping has led you to this. Oh? It’s “not your fault”, you say? Then whose is it?

  2. GetBackJack says:

    This is fine dining for us Stat-freaks.

    Thank you, Steve

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Sooo……..gun laws don’t work if they aren’t enforced?
    Excellent reason to pass more laws then blame the gun.

  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Actually, I believe Susan Long is blaming, and the article implying, that federal enforcement in these liberal cities is low because the local ordinances are so effective. She states “If taxpayers of [a certain area] don’t pass strong gun control measures…” by which you can infer that she is blaming higher federal enforcement on necessity, not vigilance. You can see that clearly when Mrs. Long blames sequestration. She is lamenting the ‘fact’ that enforcement in rural areas will be lax because the local yokels refuse to pass ‘common sense’ gun laws that are in NY, Chicago, etc. The article also fails to note actual gun crime statistics from these cities, which I believe to be an intentional omission. However, the author goes on to note how strong their gun laws are and pro-active their mayors are in limiting the 2nd amendment.

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