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Chicago Teachers Strike, Despite 16% Raise

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Chicago teachers to strike after talks fail

By DON BABWIN and TAMMY WEBBER | Monday Sept 10, 2012

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago teachers went on strike Monday for the first time in 25 years after their union and district officials failed to reach a contract agreement despite intense weekend negotiations that the union said were productive but still failed to adequately address issues such as job security and teacher evaluations.

For the record, the last strike took place under the administration of Obama’s hero, Harold Washington.

The two sides were not far apart on compensation, but were on other issues, including health benefits — teachers want to keep what they have now — and a new teacher evaluation system based partly on students’ standardized test scores, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said.

“This is a difficult decision and one we hoped we could have avoided,” she said. “We must do things differently in this city if we are to provide our students with the education they so rightfully deserve.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel condemned the union’s decision, and said the negotiations could be resolved if the two sides kept talking, “given how close we are.”

“This is not a strike I wanted,” Emanuel said. “It was a strike of choice … it’s unnecessary, it’s avoidable and it’s wrong.”

Maybe he can appeal to the teachers’ sense of values, like he has done with the gangbangers.

More than 26,000 teachers and support staff were expected to hit the picket lines early Monday, while the school district and parents carried out plans for keeping nearly 400,000 students safe and occupied while classes remain empty in the coming days in the nation’s third largest school district

The timing also may be inopportune for Emanuel, a former White House chief of staff whose city administration is wrestling with a spike in murders and shootings in some city neighborhoods and who just agreed to take a larger role in fundraising for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign

Mr. Emanuel has his priorities. He knows that his first job is to get Obama re-elected. Everything else is a distant second.

School officials said they will open more than 140 schools between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. so children can eat lunch and breakfast in a district where many students receive free meals…

They don’t give kids dinner in Chicago schools? Don’t they care about the children?

School board President David Vitale first announced Sunday night that talks had broken off, despite the school board offering what he called a fair and responsible contract that would cover four years and meet most of the union’s demands. He said the talks with the union had been “extraordinarily difficult.”

The more you give them, the more they want. Just like spoiled children and Democrats everywhere.

Emanuel said the district had offered the teachers a 16 percent pay raise over four years, doubling an earlier offer.

These teachers are getting a 16% raise? The city of Chicago is broke.

Besides, barely half of Chicago’s high school students earn a diploma in the unionized schools, while over 90 percent of those studying in charter schools do.

Why should these people get a raise? Their salaries should be cut.

Lewis said she would not prioritize the issues, saying that they all were important to teachers.

That included concern over a new evaluation that she said would be based too heavily on students’ standardized test scores, which she said would be unfair to teachers because it could not adequately account for outside factors that affect student performance, including poverty, violence and homelessness. She said the evaluations could result in 6,000 teachers losing their jobs within two years…

In other words, they know that at least 6,000 can’t do their job.

When he took office last year, Emanuel inherited a school district facing a $700 million budget shortfall. Not long after, his administration rescinded 4 percent raises for teachers. He then asked the union to reopen its contract and accept 2 percent pay raises in exchange for lengthening the school day for students by 90 minutes. The union refused

So now he has caved and is going them a raise that is four times what they asked for. And still they are unhappy.

How educational.

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4 Responses to “Chicago Teachers Strike, Despite 16% Raise”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Keep an eye on this one. Liberal democrat mayor negotiating with liberal democrat academia—these never end well for the taxpayer do they? Democrat Money-Laundering SCAM (in pictures): http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/82563714/

    The big lies…
    “We are teachers because we love kids!”
    “We could make more money in the private sector!”
    “More money = better students!”

    Why is it that the democrat playbook ALWAYS say to do the opposite of what seems natural?

    -bankrupt? Don’t save money, it’s time to spend even more!
    -test results are bad, biased tests! Get rid of tests!
    -sex with intern? Don’t hide, give speeches to support groups.
    -can’t pass a budget? Blame someone else, maybe 1/2 the people will believe it.
    -embarrassment to humanity? Time to run for office again.
    –kill your mistress while drunk driving? You are now, “The women’s candidate.”

  2. katie says:

    please go to the Drudge report to see the photo before they change it. I was having a bad morning but once I saw those mean fat ugly ‘teachers’ screaming with rage against whatever they are raging against, I got my sunshine back. sigh. I know I am lame. Pray for me.

  3. untrainable says:

    My salary has’t gone up 16% over the last 5 years, and they’re complaining… not about that salary, but about some dispute on retirement benefits. I have no retirement benefits. And the biggest smack in my face is that I have to work year round. I don’t get summers off. I don’t get every stinking government holiday off. And Christmas vacation is half a day Christmas eve, and Christmas day. And that’s only if it happens to fall during the week. If it’s on the weekend… I get the weekend.

    For those of us who are still lucky enough to have a job and a salary, we are thankful for what we still have. And these leeches on society and propaganda artists for the democrat party continue to complain because they’re not getting enough! Judging by their leader (at the news conference) they’re not missing any meals.

    As my music teacher used to say. “See this (while rubbing his thumb and forefinger together), it’s the world’s smallest violin, and my heart pisses purple for you.” Which in his context meant, shut up and do your work or I’ll hit you you little bastard. Obviously I was in school a looooong time ago. As for these gold digging excuses for educators, I wouldn’t piss purple on them if they were on fire.

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