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Children Used As Shields At Red Mosque

From those lovers of heroic “freedom fighters” at Reuters:

Children used as shields in Pakistan mosque: govt

By Faisal Aziz

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Women and children were being used as human shields by militants besieged in a mosque in Islamabad, the Pakistan government said on Thursday as security forces ratcheted up pressure on hundreds inside to surrender.

Pakistan’s Deputy Information Minister Tariq Azim Khan said the few students who had quit the mosque spoke of a nightmare scenario for security forces trying to keep casualties down.

“A large number of women and children are being held hostage by armed men in room,” Khan told a news conference, adding that the brother of the captured cleric was hiding in the basement of an attached madrasa with 25 “women hostages.”

“Yes, they’re using them as human shields, because the people who have come out, they told us that they’re telling women and children not to worry because as long as you’re here forces will not attack us,” he said.

In an interview broadcast earlier on state television, the leader of the Red Mosque’s Taliban-style student movement, caught the previous evening trying to escape wearing a woman’s burqa [and high heels], said 850 students remained inside, including 600 women and girls.

Abdul Aziz, clad in a woman’s all-enveloping garment like the one he was caught in, began the interview by dramatically lifting the black veil to reveal a face dominated by a bushy grey beard.

He said 14 men were armed with Kalashnikovs in the mosque.

“Now there are 50 to 60 hardcore militants inside the mosque who are armed with automatic weapons, grenades and petrol bombs,” Interior Minister Ahmed Aftab Khan Sherpao said.

Smiling through much of a bizarre interview Aziz said he had had urged others to leave the mosque, but some women teachers had persuaded girls to stay behind.

“They are not being used as human shields, we only gave them passion for jihad,” said Aziz, who was later remanded in court…

Mind you, these are the heroes of Cindy Sheehan, Reuters and the rest of the America-hating left.

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