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China And Russia ‘Celebrate’ Obama’s Victory

From Reuters:

China says Obama win offers opportunity to mend ties

By Terril Yue Jones | Wed November 7, 2012

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s official media said on Thursday that ties with the United States were uneven in President Barack Obama’s first term and mutual trust was "whittled down", but his re-election offered an opportunity to put the relationship back on track.

A commentary issued by state-run Xinhua news agency shortly after Obama’s election win seemed to indicate a sense of relief that continuity will be assured as Chinese leaders embark on their own transition of power…

Isn’t that reassuring? We certainly wouldn’t want to displease Communist China. They might stop robbing us blind.

Beijing is increasingly flexing its military and diplomatic muscle in the South China Sea, where it has territorial disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan…

China’s relations with Japan, its historic rival in Asia, have also badly deteriorated recently because of a territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea.

While the United States officially declares neutrality, it is treaty-bound to come to the aid of Japan in case of hostilities…

Fortunately for China, they don’t have to worry about such things with Obama.

Besides, what can the US do to China with a gutted military?

From Reuters:

Russia welcomes "predictable" Obama’s election win

By Alissa de Carbonnel | Wed November 7, 2012

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday welcomed U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election and said he hoped it would have a positive impact on relations with the United States.

Despite Obama’s call for a "reset" in ties with Russia, relations have been strained by differences over issues ranging from missile defense to human rights and the conflict in Syria.

And never mind that Obama has caved on every single issue, from the START Treaty (which he wants to surpass with even far deeper cuts to our nuclear stockpile) to the missile shields, to Iran, and on and on…

But Moscow had been wary of Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign remark that Russia was the United States’ top geopolitical foe…

They feared Romney because Romney had their number.

"Overall the Kremlin welcomes the news of Barack Obama’s victory in the elections," Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told Interfax news agency…

[Putin’s other "spokesman"] Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who was Russia’s president for much of Obama’s current term, made clear he was glad that he had defeated Romney.

"For us, he (Obama) is an understandable and predictable partner…" said Medvedev…

Obama is all to predictable. And ‘flexible.’

That Obama is endorsed by the plutocrat dictators of Communist China and the plutocrat thug dictator of Russia should tell you all you need to know about his foreign policy.

Simply put: Obama is not interested in protecting the interests of the United States against our foremost global enemies adversaries competitors. In fact, he is on their side.

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8 Responses to “China And Russia ‘Celebrate’ Obama’s Victory”

  1. Paul of Alexandria says:

    They’re now clear to dominate Asia and Europe. The Japanese/Vietnamese/Koreans are sunk, the South China Sea belongs to China, and every other nation in the world will be trying to figure out how to realign for better security now that they can’t depend on us.

    I predict that we won’t see any terrorist attacks here at home, the terrorists have won their objectives. We will see more and more pressure on U.S. interests abroad and a push for us to retreat into our shores.

    • River0 says:

      China and Russia are measuring the Oval Office for new drapes. Their money poured in to Demonicrat coffers.

      The revenge ZerObama encouraged won him another term, and vengeance is what he and his minions will reap.

      Americans voted for national self-destruction, which Abraham Lincoln saw on the horizon in the 1840’s. Marveling at our vast continent and its safety from European encroachment, Lincoln said, “As freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

      Our freedom and liberty is dead, and we won’t get it back in this life.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Maybe when the debt reaches $20 Trillion or more

    When the gov’t hands out health care as ‘fairly” as it hands out other resources

    When the IRS threatens us with not being able to buy or sell without a healthcare I.D. number

    When the welfare rolls continue to grow

    When businesses shrink and run off with their money before the gov’t does

    When states drown in public sector union debt and ask for a bailout

    When gas prices reach $7 a gallon

    When it’s better to apply for welfare and your E.B.T. card rather than struggle to keep your nose above the sewer line

    When even more illegals come pouring across the border and Arizona will find more cures, only to be sued and stopped by our own gov’t

    When our enemies see the green light to attack us even more now

    When our military is broken down with partisan gay activists who will only promote each other

    When ALL of our very existence is under the control of our dictator, and not the House of Representatives which is supposed to be the strongest branch of gov’t, MAYBE then people will figure out socialism is pure folly. But by then, we will only be able to celebrate this revelation over the ashes of what’s left.

  3. canary says:

    What did Obama tell Russia in private would have to wait until after he was re-elected.

    The night Obama won, was daylight in the middle-east where Obama set up plans to drone Syria, following Hillary’s cheerleading pom poms to the peope to follow in Libya and Egypts steps.

    But, Russia and China have been angry over Syria as the overthrow has led to extreme growth of al-Qaida and Islamic extremists taking over Syria who will make Syria worse.

    So, perhaps Obama has been waiting for re-election because he didn’t want America to see him engaging another war of many though U.S. Troops in Africa have not been noticed by many.

    If Obama fibbed to Russia he would stop encouraging Syria rebels and droning bombs Syria’s military which he did do so a year ago, now scrubbed, was it because Romney said Obama
    dragged his feet too long on Syria, and Obama is really going to drone bomb the rebels, and Hillary is just fooling Al-Qaida and the Islamic Extremists that she is going to aid them?

    • canary says:

      It has been the Syria rebels committing military attacks on Israel and not the Syria govt.
      So, now we have Israel saying how great relations are with Obama? They must be livid.
      Obama is not going to change on his position towards Israel. His wife and Valerie Jarret won’t let him.

  4. canary says:

    Maybe Obama’s Indonesia school that saved Obama’s statue celebrated, but Indonesia hates Obama worse than they did Bush, and he will never be able go to the country of his joyous youth without a military guards.

    Obama loved tormenting the water buffaloes, eating dogs, tiger meat, and last but least….his dissing the family dog in his election winner’s speech? You know what they say about people who mistreat animals when they were little.

    Christian Monitior: A big angry-Indonesia protest you may have missed video

    • canary says:

      Think about Obama’s telling of his first night in Indonesia as a boy. His step-father who practiced Islam and Hindu’s you are what you eat and he promised the young boy he’d bring home tiger meat. Then his step-dad ignoring his mother the 5 yr old might not be old enough to witness the slaughter of the chicken, which Obama relished and loved the ribbons of scarlet of blood flying everywhere, after meeting his little orangutan monkey that did not last long. That’s right. LuLu and Obama wanted Gorilla strength.

  5. 4USA says:

    The World has lost it’s protector of freedom. While our malignant media exported immorality through pornography and offensive “entertainment,” the worldview of the US has become one of absolute disgust. They think we deserve to fail for our arrogance and decadence. They are not entirely wrong. Unfortunately for them, despots never die, they are either chained or loosed. The world will learn that Imperialism was halted when US power was at it’s zenith. Now we’ll see how the geography shifts with a weakened US.

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