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China: Culprit US Created Global Warming

From those global warming devotees at Associated Press:

Smoke billows from a phosphorus chemicals factory in Kaiyang county of Guiyang, southwest China’s Guizhou province October 15, 2006. The Chinese characters on the wall in the foreground read “protect the environment.”

China: rich ‘culprits’ on climate change


February 16, 2008

UNITED NATIONS — Negotiations on a new treaty to fight global warming will fail if rich nations are not treated as “culprits” and developing countries as “victims,” China’s top climate envoy said.

The whole world must take action to confront climate change, but developed countries have a “historical responsibility” to do much more because their unrestrained emissions in the past century are responsible for global warming, said Ambassador Yu Qingtai.

The United States and the developed states as a whole are the countries that created the problem, caused the problem of climate change in the first place. In my view, that’s what a culprit means,” he said in an interview this week on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly debate on climate change.

The United States and China are the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

Washington has argued it should not have to cut its emissions to a level that would hurt the U.S. economy while countries like China and India are not required to make similar cuts.

Yu disputed that view, calling China “a victim” of climate change and stressing that its economy only started to grow in the last 25 years.

“It’s not logical to ask China … to cap its emissions or reduce its emissions in the same manner as a developed country is supposed to do,” he said…

Wealthy nations are “the culprits, the countries who are responsible for the creation of this problem,” Yu said. Developing countries are “victims … (that) face the common task of achieving economic and social development so that their people can enjoy a better standard of living.” …

Of course President Hillary (or Obama) will agree with them.

They will probably even insist on sending China some “aid” to help ameliorate their problems. (Such as their recent unprecedented winter storms.)

Anyway, I thought we no longer manufactured anything. So how can we be causing pollution?

By the way, the image to the right above (click to enlarge) is a satellite photo of eastern China from NASA.

It shows the widespread nature of the pollution problem. Beijing has completely disappeared under the gray brown haze.

According to a World Bank report 750,000 people are killed a year by China’s pollution.

But it’s all our fault. We’re the “culprits.”

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