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China Pays Cambodia $1.5B For Uighurs

From a context free Associated Press:

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping (left) shakes hands with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in Phnom Penh.

China thanks Cambodia for expulsions

December 21, 2009

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Visiting Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping thanked Cambodia on Monday for deporting 20 Muslim asylum-seekers while handing the country $1.2 billion in aid, the government spokesman said.

The 20 ethnic Uighurs deported Saturday were sought by China in connection with violent anti-government protests. Human rights activists are concerned that they will face persecution in China.

The United States said Sunday it was "deeply disturbed" by the forcible deportations. State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid said the incident would affect Cambodia’s relationship with the United States and its international standing.

"China thanked the government of Cambodia for assistance in sending back those people (Uighurs) to China because under Chinese law these people are criminals. This represents cooperation by the two sides," Cambodian government spokesman Khieu Kanharith said after a meeting Monday between the Chinese leader and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

He said that the 14 agreements totalled $1.2 billion in grants and loans, ranging from Chinese help in building roads to repairing Buddhist temples. Earlier, China had provided Cambodia with $930 million in loans and other aid…

Our country simply has no sense of economy. We had a valuable commodity and we just wasted it.

Since we had 22 Uighurs in Guantanamo at one time, we could have bought down our debt to China by more than a billion and a half dollars at these prices.

But no.

Instead, the US taxpayers are paying millions of dollars a year to house our Uighurs in Bermuda (perhaps the most expensive and exclusive country on earth) and other such paradises.

So typical.

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5 Responses to “China Pays Cambodia $1.5B For Uighurs”

  1. Helena says:

    Another missed opportunity. You get the feeling our government officials just don’t care about the debt. Or – possibly – they don’t want to be accused of trafficking in human beings, which I believe is legally the definition of slavery. Nah, couldn’t be that. They probably just didn’t think of it when they had the chance. Glad to see China and Cambodia have no such scruples.

  2. MinnesotaRush says:

    Somehow I’m thinkin’ going to the beach and having ice cream aren’t likely on the Chinese travel plans for these fellows (???).

  3. wirenut says:

    My guess is they won’t get a show trial against the chicom goverment either. No they will just “disappear”.
    Let’s move Gitmo to China.

  4. mathews says:

    and G.W. Bush is a war criminal for NOT selling the Uighurs to China, what does that make NObama for sending the Uighurs to vacation?

  5. mr_bill says:

    If I have done my math correctly, and assuming each of these Uihgurs weighs 180 lbs., they come in at $37,772.22 per troy ounce, while gold is hanging at about $1,100 per troy ounce. We should have held out.

    On a completely unrelated matter, does anybody know where I can get some Uighurs?

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