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China, Russia Oppose Sanctions On Iran

From the Agence France-Pressee:

China cools push for sanctions on Iran

by Sebastian Smith

April 13, 2010

WASHINGTON (AFP) – China said Tuesday sanctions were not the answer to the Iranian atomic standoff, denting US President Barack Obama’s hopes of sealing a deal to punish Tehran as he hosted a summit on nuclear arms.

Obama was expected to urge world leaders to harden their resolve to lock down nuclear material on the second day of a 47-nation summit in Washington aimed at keeping atomic weapons out of terrorist hands.

However the conference threatened to be overshadowed by growing tension on Iran, which the United States and its allies accuse of covertly working on a nuclear weapon. Iran says it is pursuing only civilian power…

A top White House official said Obama and Hu agreed their delegations would work together at the United Nations on a push to impose sanctions against Iran.

"They are prepared to work with us," said Jeff Bader, Obama’s top official responsible for East Asia on the National Security Council.

"The two presidents agreed the two delegations should work together on sanctions."

However China, a veto-wielding member of the Security Council, undercut hopes for a consensus when it said sanctions were not a solution.

"China always believes that dialogue and negotiation are the best way out for the issue. Pressure and sanctions cannot fundamentally solve it," foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters.

Jiang said China backs a "dual-track strategy" — continued dialogue with Tehran while considering the possibility of sanctions if that fails to halt sensitive nuclear work.

Iran also denied any suggestion that China was now backing the US stance.

"We have a different understanding than yours of the comments made after the meeting of US and Chinese officials," foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said in Tehran when asked to react to US claims of a breakthrough.

Last week at the UN, envoys of Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany discussed a draft resolution sanctioning Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards, and agreed to meet again soon.

Like China, Russia was initially skeptical about new sanctions on Iran, but moved towards the US position more quickly than Beijing.

President Dmitry Medvedev made clear however in an interview with ABC that sanctions on Iranian energy products preferred by some US members of Congress could cause a humanitarian disaster.

"If we’re talking about energy sanctions, I’ll tell you my opinion. I don’t think on that topic we have a chance to achieve a consolidated opinion of the global community on that," Medvedev said

Remember, we were told that all of this nuclear arms reduction folderol was supposed to make us safer as a nation.

Specifically, it was supposed to make it easier for the rest of the world to go along with additional sanctions on Iran, if the Iranians did not renounce their nuclear weapons program.

It’s safe to say that hasn’t worked. As usual, neither China nor Russia are cooperating. — So why is Mr. Obama giving away the store?

Meanwhile, this is the headline from the Associated Press on the same events: “Obama’s nuclear summit yields early dividends.”

What media bias?

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11 Responses to “China, Russia Oppose Sanctions On Iran”

  1. canary says:

    Obama shrunk 2 feet again.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Since our flag officers and general staff appear to be on-board with destroying the Constitution and the United States of America this move doesn’t surprise me.

    Maybe our military has a new plan how to defend the nation, but ….

  3. NoNeoCommies says:

    Dang! Why does his head get so heavy when he greets people like this?
    Try bowing to us sometime!

    • Right of the People says:

      He only bows to his heroes. I’d love to see him greet Alinsky some time, he probably drops to his knees.

  4. proreason says:

    Here’s hoping Mr. Obamy will be landing at a Russan airport soon.

    But on second thought, it seems likely the airport will be surrounded by miles of pillow-top mattresses, stacked thousands of feet high.

    The Rooskies wouldn’t want anything to happen to their golden goose.

    • jobeth says:

      With us now having to pay a doubled fee to to the Russians to launch our astronauts and/or satellites etc, our giving up our missile shield, our nukes…Russia would be stupid to injure that “goose”.

      Wonder what colored bow he’ll use to wrap up his gift of America to them?

      You KNOW the Russians had to have more than an inkling about the intentions of the Obama crew…and lent more than a few friendly bits of advice to the O’s campaign.

      Now he pays them off.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    That’s nuthin’ You should see him when Michelle gets her back up. (I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the woman).

  6. canary says:

    Reality Bytes, Michelle feels no compassion for you or anyone else. She is every bit as vein & arrogant as Obama. According to Obama she wanted more and more. Obama had to keep reminding her how good they had it; a home nanny, private school for girls, baby sitter while they ate out, vacations, and nice home. She wasn’t happy with marrying an attorney who ended up teaching, and always gone raising money for a political career, until of courese his magic beans worked. She’s a poor role model or a first lady, and she says the quote the government will control our eating.

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Maybe we can get barry to hop along on a Russian mission to “lecture Americans from space” tour.

    Just sayin’

  8. joeblough says:

    Imagine, the Russians and Chinese not wanting to help us with Persia!

    What a shock.

    They’re alternating between disbelief and hilarity in Moscow and Peking.

    They’ve said all sorts of nasty things about us over the years but I think never seriously imagined we could be so utterly stupid as to stick this crew of traitors and neanderthals in the White House.

  9. David says:

    You all are being way to hard. Come on.. he got them to pinky swear not to give nuclear material to terrorists! Thats got to mean something… right?

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