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China: US Is Behind Global ‘Internet War’

From a conflicted Associated Press:

China calls US culprit in global ‘Internet war’

June 3, 2011

BEIJING – The Chinese military accused the U.S. on Friday of launching a global "Internet war" to bring down Arab and other governments, turning the tables on allegations of major online attacks on Western targets originating in China.

The accusations Friday by Chinese military academy scholars, and their urging of tougher policing of the Internet, followed allegations this week that computer hackers in China had compromised the personal Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including government officials, military personnel and political activists.

And probably Congressman Weiner. (Which may help account for all the recent articles about ‘hacking.’)

Google traced the origin of the attacks to the city of Jinan that is home to a military vocational school whose computers were linked to a more sophisticated assault on Google’s systems 17 months ago. China has denied responsibility for the two attacks.

Writing in the Communist Party-controlled China Youth Daily newspaper, the scholars did not mention Google’s claims, but said recent computer attacks and incidents employing the Internet to promote regime change in Arab nations appeared to have originated with the U.S. government.

"Of late, an Internet tornado has swept across the world … massively impacting and shocking the globe. Behind all this lies the shadow of America," said the article, signed by Ye Zheng and Zhao Baoxian, identified as scholars with the Academy of Military Sciences.

"Faced with this warmup for an Internet war, every nation and military can’t be passive but is making preparations to fight the Internet war," it said.

While nuclear war was a strategy of the industrial era, Internet war is a product of the information age, the article said. Such conflicts stand to be hugely destructive, threatening national security and the very existence of the state, it said.

China needs to "express to the world its principled stance of maintaining an ‘Internet border’ and protecting its ‘Internet sovereignty,’ unite all advanced forces to dive into the raging torrent of the age of peaceful use of the Internet, and return to the Internet world a healthy, orderly environment," the article said.

China already heavily filters content and blocks numerous foreign websites, a system known as the "Great Firewall of China." The police employ a large force of Internet monitors to scour the Web for content deemed illegal or subversive, and those users transmitting sensitive contact can be charged with sedition or other crimes

A system that many of our political leaders look upon with envy.

Still, notice how China has no problem whatsoever using the most threatening and bellicose language when talking about the US. And yet we are supposed to believe that China is our friend.

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2 Responses to “China: US Is Behind Global ‘Internet War’”

  1. untrainable says:

    One question nobody seems to be asking is… Why are government officials using G-Mail for their “sensitive government communications”? Why not just sign every government employee up for dial-up AOL? That’s be secure, right??

    And as for the Wiener being hacked, I still haven’t heard what Twitter has to say about that. I’m sure they have the capability to find out that he wasn’t hacked. I would think they would do that just for their own “optics”.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    China already heavily filters content and blocks numerous foreign websites, a system known as the “Great Firewall of China.” The police employ a large force of Internet monitors to scour the Web for content deemed illegal or subversive, and those users transmitting sensitive contact can be charged with sedition or other crimes…

    Remember, the AP isn’t saying this like it’s a bad thing. They would dearly love to have the government control/administer/edit/censor any/all internet content for only that which would be considered “approved of”. It’s really a head-spinner to realize that the major newspapers and newspeople would desire such a thing. This tells me that they are either completely ignorant of history, or if they are aware of it, embrace it in order to seek their own version of utopia, which in and of itself is an empty idealistic, unattainable, but merely imaginable thing. Too many dreamers in our society. But the wrong kind thereof. Those who think that “if you can dream it, you can do it” but without the tempering of a realistic viewpoint as well as looking on how it was done in the past.

    They think, again, that “the right people just haven’t done it yet” and they believe that all the money in the world will be equally distributed so that “everyone is the same” when, deep in their heart of hearts, they hate the very idea and so simultaneously endeavor to carve out their own special niche in order to be above the masses they so claim to be “just like”.

    Their inability to recognize and understand human nature is staggering. These are the same kind of people who, in the 60’s when starting a commune, could not fathom why stealing, jealousy and pettiness were their major problems, often leading to violence and a dismantling of their utopian disaster.

    Also, they are so fed up with things as they are, they think it’s time to throw that all away and start anew. They automatically dismiss the established norm as “evil” and “untenable” based solely on an emotional argument, usually grounded in some personal affront that they had with some business or private situation. So, they try their hardest to believe that a capitalistic society is bad. Regardless of the fact that they have, at their finger tips, thanks to that same capitalism, 274 channels on their TV, food of any/all varieties at their “vegan” store, any/all types of things that can be acquired from the internet. Shoot, you can buy anything online from clothespins to jet airplanes without getting out of your seat. And in 90% of all cases, have it delivered.

    And this is all —— bad? Somehow “unequal”? Needs to be “controlled” and “administered” by some high-handed, high-minded intellectual bureaucrat? Weren’t the hippies of the 60’s totally against “the establishment, man” ? So, now that they are in the late 50’s and early 60’s…they are the establishment so they can do it —-uh—-better?

    Let’s look at the track record:

    Crime: Up by significant percentages, nationwide
    Teen Pregancy: Ditto
    Teen Drug use: Ditto
    Illiteracy: Ditto
    Overall income: Down….way down
    Dependence on Government: Up….way up.
    Homelessness: Also way up and going “upper”.
    STD’s: Remarkably, staggeringly high

    These were all things “taken on” by the do-gooders and “feel-good-about-yourself”-ers. It can be said they are all monumental, categorical failures And all this just in my own lifetime.

    Their argument that the government needs to step in and take care of this that and the other thing has led us to ruin. There were those who said so decades ago but all those in DC who thought that intentions outweighed actual results have given us the economic, moral and societal disaster that is the United States today. With a “president” who is nothing more than the cheap, paper prize you get in a box of CrackerJack.

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