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Christie Bans Gay Therapy, LA Requires Condoms

From the Washington Post:

Christie will sign bill that bans gay conversion therapy

By Aaron Blake | August 19, 2013

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Monday will announce that he plans to sign a bill that will ban the practice of trying to convert gay children to a heterosexual lifestyle, according to an aide…

But, Christie will note, the American Psychological Association has said that gay conversion therapy — also known as reparative therapy — can lead to mental health issues and substance abuse.

Are we now free to ban anything that could lead to mental health issues and substance abuse. Besides, it wasn’t all that long ago that the APA declared homosexuality to be itself a mental health issue?

“I believe that exposing children to these health risks without clear evidence of benefits that outweigh these serious risks is not appropriate,” Christie will say. “Based upon this analysis, I sign this bill into law.” …

How long will it be before people have to be protected from Christianity, which frowns on homosexuality, to protect them from the risks of mental illness?

Meanwhile, on we have this from the Associated Press:

Judge OKs LA County condom requirements for porn

August 17, 2013

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles County law requiring adult film performers to wear condoms is constitutional, a federal judge has ruled…

Of course it is. It’s all over the Constitution that you have to wear a condom. And never mind all those slogans about ‘hands off my body.’

The decision is a setback to porn producers who filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, or Measure B, which was approved by voters last November. It was sponsored by five individuals affiliated with the nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation…

In the ruling Friday, U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson wrote that supporters presented sufficient evidence of the health risks the measure seeks to reduce. The law "will in fact alleviate those harms in a direct and material way," Pregerson wrote.

We thought movies were protected speech? Oh, never mind, judges can outlaw anything as long as it is ‘for our own good.’

The decision was cheered by AHF president Michael Weinstein, one of the five individuals affiliated with the foundation who were the official proponents of Measure B. After county officials declined to defend the measure, the foundation was granted "intervener" status to defend it…

"Today’s ruling … is just a tremendous, tremendous victory, one that will go a long way to safeguard the health and safety of those adult performers working in the industry," Weinstein said Friday…

But why don’t they use the same logic to close down bath houses, or to at least require that condoms be used there? (Just kidding. That would be an unthinkable encroachment on human rights.

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6 Responses to “Christie Bans Gay Therapy, LA Requires Condoms”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    How does a child even know what it means to be a homosexual? And how do these parents know a child has homosexual tendencies? Are little boys playing with dolls or little girls playing army? So what. That doesn’t make a kid gay. I think the grown ups are screwing these kids up either by putting these thoughts in kids heads or seeing homosexuality in innocent childhood behaviour. It’s child abuse.

    Also, It appears the media and the GOP RINO’s are well on their way to chosing ‘our’ nominee again.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    We my friends, are a witness to the last pages of the bible.
    “What is right will be wrong and what’s wrong will be right.”
    Get right or be left behind.

  3. BillK says:

    The latter ruling means little.

    Just as regular movie studios have moved most production outside of California, the few professionally-produced adult films still being made by the “major” studios have also moved outside Los Angeles County (no shock there).

    In short, as usual, businesses do business where the environment is not actively hostile to them.

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