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Christmas Cards From Lefty Christmas Haters

Before we pack away Christmas for the year, perhaps we should reflect on what it means to some of those of the liberal persuasion.

If you Google for "liberal Christmas cards" the first site you will be directed to is the bizarro world that is Progressive Holidays:

The sentiment inside the last card reads: "George W. Bush terrifies me. Happy New Year!"

The card with the night photo of a tree in the snow celebrates the winter solstice. The card with the people bowing down before a demon says: "Happy Holidays."

The site offers seasonal bumper-stickers too:

One can almost understand their juvenile hatred of President Bush. But why the hatred of Christmas?

Do they think Bush is Christ?

Oddly enough the site doesn’t offer any cards mocking Ramadan or Muhammed or any other religion.

I wonder why that is.

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