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Chávez Lackeys Shut Down Golf Courses

From his still star struck amirers at the New York Times:

Chávez Loyalists Push to Close Golf Courses


August 12, 2009

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chávez’s political movement has found a new target: golf.

After a brief tirade against the sport by the president on national television last month, pro-Chávez officials have moved in recent weeks to shut down two of the country’s best-known golf courses, in Maracay, a city of military garrisons near here, and in the coastal city of Caraballeda.

“Let’s leave this clear,” Mr. Chávez said during a live broadcast of his Sunday television program. “Golf is a bourgeois sport,” he said, repeating the word “bourgeois” as if he were swallowing castor oil. Then he went on, mocking the use of golf carts as a practice illustrating the sport’s laziness.

The government’s broad nationalizations and asset seizures have gone far beyond the oil industry to include coffee roasters, cattle ranches and tomato-processing plants.

If the golf course closings go forward, the number of courses shut down in the last three years will be about nine, said Julio L. Torres, director of the Venezuelan Golf Federation…

A housing shortage has also pushed the government’s hand, Mr. Chávez said last month, when he questioned why Maracay had so many slums while the golf course and the grounds of the state-owned Hotel Maracay, a decaying modernist gem built in the 1950s, stretch over about 74 acres of coveted real estate.

“Just so some little group of the bourgeois and the petit-bourgeois can go and play golf,” he said during his television program…

Critics of the antigolf campaign point out that Venezuela’s top ally, Cuba, is going in the opposite direction. Canadian and European investors are seeking to build as many as 10 new courses in Cuba as part of the Cuban government’s bid to raise tourist revenues.

“China has more than 300 golf courses, and look what’s happening here,” said Mr. Torres, the director of the Venezuelan Golf Federation, invoking another Communist country with which Venezuela has warm ties. “We’re going from 28 courses to 18.”

In Maracay, officials are considering building low-income homes on the golf course or turning it into a campus of Mr. Chávez’s Bolivarian University. In Caraballeda, plans are advancing to turn the course into a park for children.

Mr. Chávez, for his part, said he had no plans to outlaw golf. “I respect all sports,” he said. “But there are sports and there are sports. Do you mean to tell me this is a people’s sport?”

He then answered the question: “It is not.”

We had no idea that Venezuela was such a small country that there is not enough room for housing for the poor and gold courses. It looks quite big on the map.

Of course there is nothing for us to worry about. This can’t happen here.

That is, unless our own big man gets frustrated with his game and turns against the sport.

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7 Responses to “Chávez Lackeys Shut Down Golf Courses”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    He doesn’t really hate golf, per say. He is going to start a new National Sport where all contestants must run. It’s called “Invade Your Neighbor” where you can use the golf carts to run ammo to the front lines and evacuate the wounded and dead to the rear areas. This will make Rugby look weak by comparison! Here’s the catch ….. everyone not President must participate!! Hahahahahaha!

  2. catie says:

    Well The Dear Leader likes to take up time at the military golf courses around the District. You’ve never seen mad until you’ve seen a General mad that his tee time has been cx’d because Oblahblah wants to golf at Belvoir.

  3. BigOil says:

    If I had a swing as bad as Obama’s, I’d quite the game. His swing is as hopeless as his presidency.

  4. Niko says:

    Mr. Chávez, for his part, said he had no plans to outlaw golf. “I respect all sports,” he said. “But there are sports and there are sports. Do you mean to tell me this is a people’s sport?”

    In a classical Leninist-Maoist fashion it’s a goverment leader who determines not only what’s a sport, but also what’s considered people.

  5. Colonel1961 says:

    OK, now I really hate Chavez! Let’s send el Tigre (TW!) down there to kick Hugo’s ass. Enough is enough!

    Seriously, no sport reveals more about a person’s true character than golf. Clinton cheated and chewed an unlit cigar (and they’d never let him play Augusta!), G. W. Bush gave it up because of the war in Iraq (class!), and Nobama wears cargo shorts while playing (low-rent) and swings like a sissy. Sheesh – what else do you need to know…

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Can’t bowl, he is worse than Charlie Brown at baseball, thinks football is really soccer, dances like Elaine on “Seinfeld” and thinks that Rugby players really do ‘Eat their dead’!!

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