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CIA To Be Run By WH Lawyer With No Experience

From a cheering Washington Post:

CIA’s deputy director to be replaced with White House lawyer

By Karen DeYoung and Greg Miller | June 12, 2013

The CIA’s deputy director plans to retire and will be replaced by White House lawyer and agency outsider Avril D. Haines, Director John O. Brennan said Wednesday.

Haines, who will succeed career officer Michael Morell on Aug. 9, has served for three years as President Obama’s deputy counsel in charge of national security issues and as legal adviser to the National Security Council. Although she has never worked inside the intelligence agency, “she knows more about covert action than anyone in the U.S. government outside of the CIA,” Brennan said in his first interview since becoming CIA director in March.

So now the CIA is going to be run by a White House lawyer who has absolutely no real life experience in intelligence. In fact, her only experience in the field is as a kibitzing lawyer. Which is surely the way Obama wants it. He never lets a crisis go to waste. So this is a great time to position someone who handicap the CIA.

The surprise move gives Brennan an ally in the CIA’s executive suite who helped him with the revision of drone-campaign rules that was recently announced by Obama. Unlike an agency insider, Haines has no direct investment in any of the counterterrorism programs that Brennan has indicated he will seek to rein in.

Obama and his minions are reining in our counterterrorism programs, while they ramp up their targeting of Americans.

In a message to the CIA on Wednesday afternoon, Brennan emphasized that Haines, 43, has worked closely with senior national security officials. “She has participated in virtually every Deputies and Principals Committee meeting over the past two years and chairs the Lawyers’ Group that reviews the Agency’s most sensitive programs,” the statement said.

She, at best, is a kibitzer, who will do her best to lawyer the CIA into helplessness. Now all we need to do is put a JAG in charge of the Pentagon.

Obama nominated Haines just two months ago as legal counsel for the State Department, where she worked previously as a lawyer…

But he saw an even better chance for her to do more harm at the CIA. After all, John Kerry has the State Department covered.

The highly regarded Morell, a 33-year CIA veteran who twice served as acting director, said in an interview that he decided last month to retire because “I want to and I need to devote more attention to my family.” Morell has three college-age children…

Which is the usual mantra from people who have been forced out.

The Haines pick also moves a woman into the No. 2 job for the first time…

And that is all that really matters. Our national security be damned.

But just look what an impressive national security team Obama has now put together. A White House lawyer running the CIA, Susan Rice is the National Security Advisor, and Samantha Power is at the UN.  And, of course, we have John Kerry at State.

The country is certainly in good hands now.

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5 Responses to “CIA To Be Run By WH Lawyer With No Experience”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, of course!

    1. You want your stooge in there, not anyone else’s
    2. The CIA just played Obama. With no experience, they can run rings around this guy
    3. Meanwhile we have the privilege of paying for all of it
    4. And get no benefits whatsoever

    Did I miss anything?

  2. Petronius says:

    This appointment may signal that the CIA is going to refocus its mission.

    We’ve seen that happen before with Nerobama’s other appointments at other agencies.


    • FBI and BATF refocused their mission from counterintelligence and law enforcement to gun-running and terrorizing Tea Party people.
    • NASA refocused its mission from space exploration to Muslim outreach.
    • The IRS changed its mission to intimidation of the regime’s opponents and reelecting the president, as well as scapegoating low-level civil servants.
    • EPA changed its mission to destruction of the coal industry and crippling the economy.
    • DHS changed its mission to promoting illegal immigration and releasing alien felons from prison.
    • Agric changed its mission to funneling Pigford reparations to minorities.
    • DOJ changed its mission to engaging in criminal enterprises, supporting criminals, undermining the Constitution, corrupting the voting process, spying on the press, and smearing whistleblowers.
    • US Marshals Service changed its mission to “losing” terrorists.
    • The NLRB changed its mission to compulsory unionization and the closed shop.
    • The State Dept changed its mission to losing countries and ambassadors, undermining relations with America’s traditional allies, advancing the interests of unfriendly nations, spying on James Rosen, and punishing whistleblowers.
    • Interior changed its mission to punishing the oil industry.
    • Energy changed its mission to funneling kickbacks to the president’s campaign donors.
    • HHS changed its mission to promoting the abortion industry, extorting money from the medical industry, and destroying the American healthcare system.
    * DoD changed its mission to promoting homosexuality and punishing Christian service members.
    • The Federal judiciary changed its mission to protecting the interests of the regime and advancing its agenda.
    • And so forth.

    So we should probably expect nothing new here … the CIA is simply about to become part of the pattern of corruption and criminal activity that permeates every other agency in the regime.

  3. canary says:

    Obama’s first CIA director had no experience either. That’s why he got so many agents killed and then got promoted.

  4. canary says:

    Avril must know a big secret to get her job.

    But, then Obama’s first CIA director had no experience either. That’s why he got so many agents killed and then got promoted.

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