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Cincy Tea Party Goers – Who Sent You?

From YouTube:

Cincinnati Tea Party – Who Sent You?

This is a response to Nancy Pelosi and the claims of the Democrats’ lickspittle slaveys in the media — and elsewhere.

(Thanks to Karl for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, April 16th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

33 Responses to “Cincy Tea Party Goers – Who Sent You?”

  1. proreason says:

    Has anybody noticed that every single thing said by these left wing hacks is a lie or one sort or another.

    At least there is one area where The Moron is demonstrating his leadership.

    • It’s not lies, proreason.

      It’s PROJECTION. As in, everything liberals say about us is absolutely 100% true…about them, their beliefs, their policies, and actions.

    • jrmcdonald says:

      Your both right. Ayn Rand said that people do not believe in the irrational, but they do believe in the unjust. The lefts core beliefs in the unjust are:
      1. Punishing the producer while rewarding the parasite.
      2. Mocking the moral while celebrating the deviate.
      3. Killing the innocent while protecting the homicidal.
      4. Removing the sacred while expanding the bureaucrat.

    • proreason says:

      jr: “The lefts’ core beliefs in the unjust ”

      It’s a rather profound thought.

      But is eq correct in saying the belief in the unjust is a projection (a generous assessment, imho), or am I correct in saying that it is a simple case of defending one’s own deviant behaviour patterns (which I summarized by just calling them liars….in fact, it goes way beyond lying to all sorts of immoral behaviours, including the one jr points out, but well beyond them as well)?

      It may be a fine point, but I personally feel the left compounds their immoral and anti-social behaviours by defending them, much like children twist themselves in knots when caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

      And I also believe that the core liberal beliefs arise out of their immorality. For example, the reason they defend abortion with such gusto is that they know it is murder. Another example, the reason they defend taxes in the face of the obvious failure of almost all government programs is that, like Biden, they are selfish and will give nothing to charity themselves without being forced.

    • Howard Roark says:

      I like all of the responses to PR’s original question, here. I think they all are true: projection, Rand’s thought on the unjust, immorality.

      My only addition to this is my belief that we see a present-day version of what the Greeks knew of as Dionysian principles in the modern liberal Democrats.

      We Conservatives are the Stoics.

      25 years ago, you couldn’t have convinced me of the value of Stoicism. I called myself a Dionysian. In fact, I remember doing a class report in the third year of my Latin studies during my senior year in the public high school I attended. I passed around plastic cups of Kroger-brand fake wine to everyone, and launched into what the differences were between Stoicism & Dionysianism, and why I, (a 17 year-old immature kid) was indeed a Dionysian. After all, who could be an adolescent and turn your back on wine, intoxication, and ecstasy?

      It took me nearly twenty years to understand the other component of living a Dionysian lifestyle, though: chaos. Add to that: irrational thought, insincerity, and faithlessness. I now merely shake my head at my foolish youth.

      Democrats/liberals are stuck in their adolescent youth, living a life of satisfying their every impulse, especially the base ones. They aren’t full of “principles” as we know them. Their only “principles”, I have found, are based on doing the exact opposite of what they think a Republican or Conservative would do. And they are happy with that shallow definition of their core belief system. They are chaos, plain and simple.

      Some of us Christians would call them “lost”.

      As much as J. Gerofalo would love to medicalize the “condition” of being a Conservative (her laughable display on K. Olbermann’s show recently saw her attempt at diagnosing all “Teabaggers” as having a limbic brain disorder of overgrowth, resulting in misfirings of the synapses in our frontal lobes, ‘natch. Isn’t it ironic that a good liberal like her would rest the diagnosis of “intelligence” on brain size/growth? The last time cranial studies were done to “prove” intelligence, African Americans didn’t fare too well, so we demonized those scientists, of course. But I guess you’d have to be one of those “readers” to know that. Perhaps Gerofalo didn’t get that Twitter blast.), I, like EQ above, believe that they project the neurological/brain condition on us, yet it is they who suffer from a condition of underdeveloped sectors of the brain. As the Colonel might say, “can’t prove it, just know it.”

      Their brain suffers from a suite of maladies, I believe: unresolved phobias, coping problems, attention span deficiencies, irrational thought, etc. I am not trained as a medical scientist, but I see these patterns in the arch liberals I’ve encountered in my life.

  2. grits says:

    Well done.

  3. Colonel1961 says:

    Didn’t think I could feel any greater contempt for Mesdames Pelosi or Maddow, but I do now…

  4. UndercoverInLA says:

    What I like the most is how CERTAIN the Liberals are that there’s some shadow organization behind it all — it’s because they can’t comprehend any other way to push an agenda forward besides lying, cheating, name-calling, dis-information and obfuscating. The TRUTH and COMMON SENSE are completely foreign concepts to them; of course they’d accuse conservatives of doing it, because it’s all they themselves have ever known!

  5. woodmanthered says:

    I think it is time for another grass roots movement. Let us start by not purchasing anything advertised on the msm.Or any of the shows that can’t seem to report the news without bias. We could start with one network like abc, the first month. Then move on the next month to nbc. I would be willing to bet that if you hurt them in there pockets they would so turn old dear one and his gang of tax evaders. We know the tea parties started with people being feed up. I don’t know much about putting these things together but I’m willing to learn.

  6. U NO HOO says:

    George Soros must be scared.

  7. wardmama4 says:

    I am so proud that someone here did such a great job of making the point.

    I wish I’d seen him – I’m sure he’d gotten some interesting response from the group I was with.

    UncoverInLA & Englishqueen01 – you both hit the nail directly on the head – these losers are so dispicable, so low, so immoral – that they have to believe that the other side is just as base to salve their conscience a bit – and because they’ve lived in the gutter so long, they truly do believe that everyone else is in there with ’em.

  8. Elsbietka says:

    I am so glad someone has formulated a response to the slander that has poured out from the mainstream media about the Tea Parties. The straw man presentation of those involved in this demonstration (guaranteed, for now at least, under our constitutional first amendment rights of free peaceful assembly and the right to present our grievances to the government) is an appalling, unapologetic example of misinformation and propagating a specific ideological agenda with no regard for even the veneer of objective journalism. I teach philosophy, which includes political theory, to homeschool students in Cincinnati and a group of my students approached me about taking them to the Tea Party yesterday. Because they are teenagers who are not able to vote, this was one way they could make their voices heard regarding the direction of our country. As a libertarian, I had already planned to attend and we had a great time taking a legitimate part in our political process through peaceful protest. Their concerns were not fed by any “astroturf” movement. They have been increasingly alarmed by the usurpation of their personal liberties by the federal government’s actions, which are replacing their natural rights with arbitrary government control. These youths are intelligent, free-thinkers who have looked to the past and have seen what happens when a populace sits back and are sold into slavery by their government. They refused to remain silent. It has nothing to do with any GOP organizations, but merely their own reason and conscience that inspired their participation. It offends me to the point of disgust that our media and elected officials belittle and dismiss their, and all the participant’s, intelligence and desires as nothing more than the actions of manipulated pawns. It simply reveals these so-called “open minded” progressives, once more, as the elitists they truly are.

  9. heykev says:

    I for one am deeply offended by Speaker Pelosi’s pooh-poohing the Tea Parties and those who attended them. I am also offended by the MSM depiction of those who attended as “tea baggers” and laughing and smirking about it. This is sophomoric humor at its worst and has no place in describing a legitimate grass roots movement.

    I received literally hundreds of emails from friends about this and how it was important to them. Most emails sent to me were personally written by the that sent them. They were not form letters, but heartfelt personal emails from those who feel our country is headed in the wrong direction.

    • proreason says:

      heykev: ” I am also offended by the MSM depiction of those who attended as “tea baggers” and laughing and smirking about it”

      I didn’t know that “teabagging” has a nasty sexual connotation until yesterday, and still don’t know what it means.

      Why do you think every commentator on MSNBC is so intimate with the meaning and find it so hilarious?

    • jobeth says:

      Pro & heykev,

      I didn’t know it had a nasty sexual meaning either until I read your comments.

      I googled the word and I have a link to explain it but this is not for children…pretty disgusting. Fair warning.

      It does say lots about the thought processes of “them” vs “us”.

      Give me us anyday!


    • proreason says:

      Powerline says that the Teabagging “joke” was used 51 times on MSNBC in 13 minutes.

      For those of you who know what the “joke” is……contemplate that for a few minutes.

      On a national Cable “news” network, they said it 51 times in 13 minutes.

      I can’t think of anything even remotely parallel to that in my lifetime.

  10. soulpile says:

    Pelosi and the MSM are engaging in what is known as “projection.” They accuse the opposition of using their tactics against them. These people cannot allow themselves to believe that this many people are in genuine opposition to their ideals, thus, they accuse these events as being set-ups.
    I wasn’t paid nor was I bussed in to my city’s tea party. Nor was anyone else.

  11. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Stretch Pelosi, you can kiss my a**! Since I’m now officially an extremist anyway, hopefully one day you and the rest of Congress will find out how serious we are on the end of a rope!

  12. LewWaters says:

    As I said, it is not Who sent us, but What. Government out of control spending for far too long is What sends us.

    The DNC talking points are just to counter us as we wake people up to their socialist takeover.

    Be vigilant, my friends, it’s going to get uglier.

  13. RightWinger says:

    Not a few weeks ago at some conference, Lil Barry was telling CEO’s of the banks and financial institutions that the only thing that stood between them and the angry citizens with pitchforks was his administration. The angry citizens he and the MSM got into a frenzy over bonuses.

    Now that these same angry citizens have taken to the streets with their pitchforks and since a lot of those pitchforks had Lil Barry’s name written all over them, well now this is an astroturf campaign drummed up and financed by FOX news and Talk Radio? Yeah okay.

    Libs and their MSM proprogandists really have a short term memory problem or they are convinced the American people are that stupid.

  14. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Patience. Just as surely as hatred consumes the vessel it contains, the stupidity of the left eventually collapses under the strain of its’ own incompetence. Many thanks to everyone who got out and made their objections to this administrations known, and visible.

    • Douglas says:

      The problem is, that failure takes decades to manifest in many cases. You don’t need to look any further than the “War on poverty” which has consumed wealth and done nothing about poverty but create a permanent underclass that votes Pelosi and the like in thanks for the scraps of food tossed their way. Or for that matter, the Social Security or Medicare programs which we’ve all known for decades were underfunded and would crush the budget.

      These expenses make the cost of the successful War on Terror (note how many attacks in the US after 9/11 ) look like chickenfeed.

      Throwing debt on debt for “universal healthcare” and other boondoggles is going to crush this country. Already 15% of your earnings go to Social Security and another 7% to Medicare/Medicaid. How much so Obama’s “health Czar” can have a new solid gold back scratcher?

      The war on Terror under Bush was dust in comparison.

  15. catie says:

    That person called Rachel Maddow’s mother must be so pleased she raised an ingrate such as that thing. How disgusting. Not everyone’s mind is in the gutter but it seems that as usual the left’s is. Also, it was telling to me yesterday hearing the Mexican president blame the US and their “insatiable” appetite for drugs for Mexico’s problems. Anyone I know who smoked pot over the age of 24 are all democraps. However, most of the people I know who never smoked pot (like me) have always been Republicans.
    I hear that there may be more of these on or around the 4th of July. This pleases hubby because he can actually attend. I am also pleased because I won’t have to wait on school buses and can go to one besides my own “self-created” march in the miserable wet and cold weather. I am as sick as a dog now but it was worth it.
    Yes Lew, it’s only going to get uglier from here.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      I never inhaled…

    • jobeth says:

      “I am as sick as a dog now but it was worth it.”

      You should see my face. I live in central Florida and it was a beautiful day, sunny, temp perfect, and occational breeze…and I got a really bad sunburn. The worse on my face. It’s swollen and red and I scare the heck out of myself every time I look in the mirror. It’s really bad. But like you it was WELL worth it.

      (I was there from 11AM to 5:30PM. there were two events)

      We all took part in something very historic and I plan on being at more in the future…with sun block of course! LOL

  16. ThreeBus says:

    “I see REAL People!”

    If the libs think that was bad, just wait till July 4th.
    THAT Tea Party will be BIG!

  17. Odie44 says:

    Let the left, Pelosi, Bambi, etc., with the MSM in their pockets, make these claims.

    They don’t matter. Their arrogance and apathy, combined with internal projection – will bite them in the end. A common response I have heard from Tea Party attenders is “who are they to tell me what I am”. That friends, is everything in a nutshell.

    Its clear liberals are psychotic children, who deny their own illegal influence and activity’s, while propping up terms like “astroturging”, “community organizer”, “fairness/equality”, etc – and are able to get away with it a) while trying to take over power (they did) and b) currently in power. Good luck in 2010 “telling people” what they are.

    I have a new strategy and tactic – just yes these morons to death, something like this:

    Pelosi “Its nothing more than astroturfing, not grass roots”
    Bi-ped ” You are right. Oh – and we are pissed off about your failure to lead, run the government and policy creation and are tired of being taxed to pay for others mistakes”

    Which part of the mock Q&A above did you just remember?

    Instead of arguing their accusations – get past it, for it means nothing. The audacity of Pelosi to claim people on April 15 were just “organized goons, funded by a right wing conspiracy (heard that one before…) is out of the “What not to do to get elected” playbook and will back fire.

    In america – we spend far too much time talking about the inane claim and labels, instead of actually talking about policy. I understand the attention level for most is anemic – therefore lets stop beating a dead horse over labels and simply hit the issue. Put them on the defensive, instead of slumming in their insanity.

    I have been called a racist, neo con nutjob, “out of touch”, etc. And guess what – it hasn’t changed my brain, income or family life in any way shape or form. Not has it altered the stupidity of those making the claims.

  18. texaspsue says:

    Official Tea Party crowd count now at 551,000 and still counting. http://taxdayteaparty.com/2009/04/pajamas-media-crowd-estimate/

    BTW, I love this video! Perfect!

  19. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Anyone else here go to downtown Cincinnati for the party?

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