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“Sheehan For Senate” Website Gets Started

Ah, the Soros dollars the Chavez bolivares Medea Benjamin the grassroots are speaking out and demandingMother Sheehan run for the Senate against the conservative reactionary warmonger Diane Feinstein (D-San Francisco):

All kidding aside, this is obviously the lame effort of some deluded putz. Remember all those "Hillary For President" sites that have cropped over the last eight years?

But you know the real "Let’s Get Cindy To Run" site will soon be appearing, courtesy of Cindy’s professional handlers. It’s probably been in the works for months. (They just have to convince her to take the pay cut.)

And it will be just as slick as Soros’s Fenton Communications can make it.

(Thanks to ever watchful Zilla for the heads up.)

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