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Sheehan: Iraqi Leaders Feed Off Our Kids

Unabashed terrorist supporter, Cindy Sheehan, delivered another one of her Al-Qaeda pep talks at Johns Hopkins University, on September 20th. (For which our hero mother is paid an estimated $30,000 a pop.)

You can watch the video here.

It is fascinating viewing, especially as it is delivered in Cindy’s bizarre 14 year old Valley Girl sing-song.

Among Cindy’s talking points:

Congress gave away their responsibilities to declare war to "someone they knew was a maniac. And they did it anyway."

The media "challenges me for calling my second grade teacher a poo-poo head."

"If [Bush] says he is making America safer, I say ‘ask the people in New Orleans if they feel safe.’"

Bush violates the Constitution every time he opens his mouth.

At the emotional high point of her rant, al-Sheehan pronounced:

"And if he says we have to get a government in place [in Iraq], I say ‘how many hands do you have, to pull everybody’s string?’ You know that is a puppet government. A sham government. It’s people who encouraged the invasion so they could get rich. They are feeding off of our children’s flesh and blood."

Funny, that’s exactly what the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi says.

Of course Mother Sheehan calls the terrorists pouring into Iraq, like the Jordanian Al-Zarqawi, " freedom fighters." Cindy says "they only want the US out of their country."

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