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Sheehan’s “One Bright Spot” – A Mosque

This photograph and this headline now greet visitors to Michael Moore’s
disinformation site:

A Bright Spot in Bush World

This is from a missive by Cindy Sheehan about this marvelous "medical center." But what Cindy’s letter portrays as a clinic is in fact the "mosque" of former Black Panther, felony ex-con, and current Moslem radical, Malik Rahim.

Rahim’s place is neither a "medical station" nor a "clinic," and it’s probably not even a "mosque," if words still have any meaning. But if it will help Cindy raise money for herself and her pals, she is willing to lie about it.

And speaking of lies, the people in the photo who look like they are lined up for help are in fact the people who were only there to deliver supplies to Rahim. (Note the "resist" t-shirt.) They are not victims seeking help at this "clinic." They are helping to perpetuate this fraud.

The following are some highlights from Mother Sheehan’s hate-filled rant, with my observations interpolated in italics throughout.

A Bright Spot in Bush World

Amid the Miserable Failures on the Same Planet

A Message from Cindy Sheehan

In Algiers, in the space of 2 short weeks, Malik and his community has opened a clinic which also doubles as a food and supply distribution center.

[ After only two short weeks, behold the miracle that is Malik’s "clinic":

Behold the interior of Rahim’s "mosque" and "clinic":

Behold its medical supplies:

Neither Cindy nor anyone else has produced any evidence whatsoever that any people have received any medical help from Rahim’s pretend medical center. For which we should probably thank God (or Allah).

For behold our hero clinician, Malik Rahim:

Malik Rahim: "There are gangs of white vigilantes near here riding around in pickup trucks, all of them armed, and any young Black they see who they figure doesn’t belong in their community, they shoot him."

Rahim claims to be taking care of the sick and infirm. Here Rahim demonstrates one of his medical center’s “emergency kits,” which appears to include a bar of hotel soap, a handy wipe, a toothbrush and toothpaste:

Malik Rahim: “We’re looking to make the mosque a health clinic and establish some kind of school. From there we gonna try to start doing some church services so people can start feeling some sense of community,” Rahim says. “If you wait on the government, you won’t get nothing.” ( LA Weekly )

Behold the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) label on the box at his elbow. A box of food from the government.

[Back to Cindy:] We need more help in Algiers. Malik and the other dozens fine volunteers are planning on opening 2 more clinics in Algiers

[ Cindy is talking about Andrea Garland’s (on left) preposterous plan to set up her own medical clinic like Rahim has done. Like her friend Ward Reilly, Garland is a member of Cindy’s "legal team." Neither is a lawyer. Andrea runs an art gallery of sorts .

Garland is also the progenitor of the claim that George Bush’s jackbooted thugs dynamited a levee to protect the rich and drown the poor.

Behold the supplies Andrea delivered to the felony ex-con holyman, Rahim: ]

Behold their delivery system: ]

[A]nd Malik would dearly love someone to give him a flat bottomed boat so he can go to the flood drenched poor communities that still have not been helped and bring them food, supplies, and medical attention.

[ One can see why they would prefer boats. Boats don’t get flats: ]

Medical professionals are dearly needed.

[ Oh, yeah. Medical professionals. Behold the medical staff, Noah, an " anarchist medic ":

From Indymedia: "Noah discusses the reasons for medical volunteers coming to New Orleans and how they were able to mobilize, the goods and services provided at the clinic, the background of the volunteers, the response of the military to the clinic, the truth about large charity organizations, the role of anarchism in medical aid and how community members feel about the medical clinic and volunteers.

Noah also expresses his anger at the humanitarian crisis caused by George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and the directors of FEMA and the Armed Services who are planing to turn New Orleans into a rich white disneyland on the Mississippi River." ]

[Back to Cindy:] When I see what the people of Algiers are doing to help themselves and the people of America are doing to help them help themselves, it gives me hope. I think Algiers can be a model for all of our communities.

The people who are running the clinic in Algiers gave me a list of desperately needed supplies:

Blood pressure medication—properly packaged.
Allergy medication—properly packaged
Vitamin B
Pens, paper, sharpies, index cards
Glucometers and test strips
Full O2 tanks
Power strips and extension cords
Non-DEET insect repellent
Mini bottles of Hand Sanitizer
A copy machine is urgently needed
People: Call: 512-297-XXXX

Send supplies to:
Fed Ex or UPS
Veterans for Peace Ch 116
C/O 645 Kimbro Dr.
Baton Rouge, La. 70808

Mark them: For the Medical Clinic in Algiers

[ 645 Kimbro Drive is the home address of Cindy’s legal advisor and bogus Vietnam combat vet, Ward Reilly, shown here smoking next to a gas pump:

Ward Reilly is the point man for the VFP’s Katrina efforts. They have no other address for deliveries except for the parking lot of a local bar, the Green Room. ]

The children in Algiers have also been out of school. Malik would like to open a school and they need school supplies and teachers.

[ So Rahim plans to set-up a mosque, a medical center, a food bank, a kitchen, and a school. I guess the camera made that space look a lot smaller than it really is.]

I was told that Pat Boone told the listeners that after we "stole the supplies" from the Red Cross, we gave them to the "enemies of America who are like the people who want to fly airplanes into our buildings." Boone says that we were giving them to enemies of America, because we were distributing the supplies from a Mosque. First of all, accusing me of stealing is slander, I think, and second of all: we were helping Americans.

[ The truth is a perfect defense against any charge of slander. Behold what Cindy’s pals have posted here and here about where they get their supplies:  

VFP: The Red Cross is having the same problems reaching people. They are not set up for distribution so food is piling up and the people who need it most can’t get there, so on numerous occasions VFP has helped deliver food for the Red Cross to surrounding areas.

VFP: "We have picked up too many loads to count from the incompetent Red Cross facilities that can’t seem to figure out how to get food on a truck, let alone to a destination. They have a problem, and every time a truck pulls in to carry food out, they see it as dumping their problem. And they are dumping their problem of course. We came with the solution. Today, people got fed. Andrea [Garland] and [her fiancé] Jeff from www.getyouracton.com put a van and a trailer together and took generators, gas and a load of goods to [Malik Rahim in] Algiers again."

I don’t think Pat Boone has anything to worry about. But the VFP and Cindy Sheehan might. ]

If George Bush truly listened to God and read the words of the Christ, Iraq and the devastation in New Orleans would have never happened.

[ Right. Of course Cindy has said from day one that Katrina was Bush’s fault. But who but a crazy person would claim he has such powers? ]

George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power.

[ It seems like only yesterday Mother Sheehan was screaming her head off about there not being National Guard troops in New Orleans. And in the rest of this article she complains endlessly about how these people on the ground have been abandoned by the government  and left to fend for themselves. Then she complains about the government being there.

Here ends the excepts from Cindy. But read her entire screed on Michael Moore’s site for a chilling insight on how she feels about this country. ]

What can one say? Maybe as Cindy herself has suggested, perhaps her grief has unbalanced her mind. Her tirades seem more and more to be the ravings of a lunatic.

But there is no doubt that Cindy Sheehan is a liar. And even worse than that, she is spreading these vicious lies to raise money for herself and her friends.

Andrea Garland somehow managed to take a near endless stream of photographs during her harrowing foray into this devastated area to deliver goods to the racist crackpot, Malik Rahim.

Plow through her photos and you will see that there are no pictures of anything like what Cindy Sheehan has described in her fear and hate mongering fundraising rant. There are no dead bodies lying in the streets. There are no forgotten victims.

Even Miss Garland’s house seems to have escaped unscathed, despite Bush’s nefarious attempt to destroy it. And Cindy would have traveled the same route to Rahim’s "mosque" as Andrea documented with her photographs.

Indeed, Cindy is doing far worse than simply lying. She is committing the lowest kind of fraud on the backs of the victims of a terrible tragedy. She is trying to steer contributions of money and supplies away from organizations that are doing real work for the Katrina causalities — to herself and her colleagues in the Veterans For Peace.

For Cindy and the VFP are profiting handsomely from all of this bogus fundraising for Katrina Relief. Behold the last and most important category on the VFP’s earlier request list for Katrina relief donations:


Our Mobile Media Center is on the bus with wireless Internet via Satellite. We are using our computer to communicate needs and direct refugees to services and document damage in the poorest effected areas.

We need to have more tools and software to be truely effective.

(5) Apple iMac G5 Computer 20" Monitor = $3,000 each
(5) 500 Gigabyte Firewire Harddrive= $500 each
(5) Canon XL2Digital Video Camera = $4,500 each
(2) Digital Projector (3000 lumens) =$1,000 each
(5) Apple iPods with recording = $600 each

Monthly Satellite Access and Website Hosting Fee = $200 pr/mo

Donations for our multi media equipment will support refugees, volunteers, Red Cross, staff, press, keep in touch through via email, web, blogs, and teleconferencing.

How many $600 iPods, $3,000 computer monitors, video cameras and digital projectors do you think these forgotten Katrina victims need?

In truth these items were on the VFP’s wish list long before Katrina came along. They were on the list for Cindy’s Support The Terrorists bus tour. And they are supplies which will be used by Cindy and the VFP to promulgate their hate-America campaign.

The local police, the attorney general’s office of Louisiana and the Red Cross themselves are now investigating the the VFP’s fundraising claims and other activities.

In fact, the VFP’s false representations of "supporting" the Red Cross are a fe deral offense. From Section 917 of Title 18 of the US Code:

"Whoever, within the United States, falsely or fraudulently holds himself out as or represents or pretends himself to be a member of or an agent for the American National Red Cross for the purpose of soliciting, collecting, or receiving money or material, shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both."

Cindy’s Camp Casey III have regularly tried to pass themselves off as being with the Red Cross down in Covington. That was how they got into the Pine View school and their Omni-storage site. And when the truth became known that they were lying, it was why they were chucked out of both places.

The VFP are now aware that they are being investigated, and they have begun to airbrush out some of their false claims regarding the Red Cross from their press releases and posts.

It is beyond ironic that one of Mother Sheehan’s favorite rhetorical gimmicks is to ask how George Bush can sleep at night?

Cindy is diverting donations away from truly worthy organizations who are actually helping Katrina victims. She wants to trick you into giving your money to ex-cons and pathological liars like Malik Rahim, Andrea Garland and Wade Reilly, rather than to an established charity like the Red Cross.

Meanwhile, her allies in the VFP are actually taking Red Cross supplies intended for Katrina victims and giving them to these scheming crackpots.

Just look at the racist lies Cindy is spreading. The vicious hatred she is sowing. The class warfare she is trying to whip up. The tragedy she is exploiting for her own personal gain.

So why does Cindy does these reprehensible things? To raise money for herself and her pals? To advance her America-hating agenda? To raise her visibility so that she can charge higher speaking fees ? Probably for those reasons and more besides, such as some bizarre need for personal revenge.

But you do have to ask yourself, how can Cindy Sheehan sleep at night?

Update! You can read further about Malik Rahim’s "mosque" here.

Don’t be confused by the name they have adopted for it since Katrina struck, the Common Ground Wellness Center . It is still a "mosque" dedicated to the study of Islam.

Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah Center
1401 Teche St.
Algiers, LA 70114
Phone: 504-361-9659

Activities and Schedule

Every sunday morning the congregation meets for prayer and religious instruction. The mosque holds Qur’anic studies on Tuesday night and business meetings on monday nights. The first Saturday of each month the mosque hosts a Family Night involving socializing, games, storytelling, jokes and impromptu skits. An African brother named Mamane Garba from Niger teaches a beginning Arabic class; intermediate and advanced students go to Masjid ur-Raheem. In July of 2004 the mosque will host a mother-daughter social on a saturday evening. In addition, many members of the congregation have made the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.


In 1987 members of the Masjid Bilal community purchased a building in the 700 block of Teche St. Prior to that they had worshipped at Masjid al-Islam on Magnolia St. in Uptown New Orleans, requiring a commute that included crossing the Mississippi River on the Crescent City Connection. Members named the mosque ‘Bilal’ since he was an Ethiopian slave who became a close companion of the Prophet Muhammad. When the mosque was founded in 1987 there were about 75-100 students involved in an Islamic studies program that was involved in outreach activities. The community has also grown from those members of Masjid ur-Raheem on Johnson St. who have moved to the West Bank. In 1991 the present building was acquired which currently serves about 20 families in Algiers.


The mosque’s congregation is
predominantly African American.

But you do have to wonder why they felt embarrassed by the name of the place, and decided to hide it. Or, then again, maybe not.

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