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Sheehan Admits To Treason, Tax Evasion

From the Howard Dean paid stooge site, the Daily Kos:

Cindy Sheehan and fellow Kos Kid Nancy Pelosi.

My Email account disabled

By the way.

I am being hassled in every small way they can…

After I sent my essay out to my email list, my email account was disabled. I have never violated the terms of the account.

Encouraging soldiers to resist war is seditious and I could go to prison for it.

I also don't pay my fed taxes, which I could go to prison for.

But I want to put the legality of this war on trial…I want the real people responsible for so much death and devastation to do prison time for what they have done to the world.

We have heard on our communications at camp….that law enforcement is bringing drug sniffing dogs to camp….just a bunch of crap.

by CindySheehan on Thu Aug 31, 2006 at 06:48:38 PM PDT

Of course Mother Sheehan has vowed to never pay taxes again. (Something she had a problem doing even before she became a professional Bush stalker.)

Still, it's nice to see her follow through on a promise for once.

And of course she is right about her seditious activities being against the law.

But she is sounding even a little more paranoid than usual, though.

Maybe she's been getting too much "second hand smoke" during her sojourn at Willie Nelson's ranch.

(Thanks to JohnX for the heads up.)

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