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Sheehan Arrested “For Failure To Appear”

From Waco’s KWTX:

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Sheehan Arrested For Unpaid Traffic Ticket

(August 30, 2006)—Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan’s stay this month in Central Texas has not been a pleasant one.

First she was admitted to a local hospital for treatment of exhaustion and dehydration and to undergo gynecological tests. Last week she underwent a hysterectomy.

Then Tuesday night police from the Waco suburb of Woodway arrested her near Crawford on traffic warrants.

She was cited for following too closely and failure to appear.

Sheehan was released after she paid a $400 fine….

Hey, aren’t celebrities — especially America-hating celebrities — supposed to be above the law?

And speaking of "failure to appear," didn’t Mother Sheehan claim to be so sick she couldn’t attend the big pro-terrorism rally in Salt Lake City?

What was she doing gallivanting around?

It looks like she’ll do just about anything to stay in the news.

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