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Sheehan: “Casey Wanted To Fight For US”

It is truly sad how Cindy Sheehan has dishonored her son in so many ways. She has called the terrorists who killed him "freedom fighters."

Mother Sheehan has even suggested that the Army lied to her and that in fact Casey actually died from "friendly fire."

But perhaps worst of all, Cindy appears to have blatantly misrepresented Casey’s thinking about his service and the Iraq war. Casey’s father, Patrick, is now on record stating that his son was proud of his service in the Army.

And here we have this news report from the CBS affiliate in San Francisco–dated April 6, 2004. just two days after Casey’s death.

In it Cindy herself puts to the lie so much of what she has claimed about her son:

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The story is reiterated in this CBS5.com article:

Bay Area Soldier Dies in Iraq

One of the most recent U.S. casualties in the war in Iraq was a 24-year-old Bay Area man.

Army Specialist Casey Sheehan of Vacaville died over the weekend when the vehicle he was riding in was attacked in Baghdad. He had been in the country less than two weeks.

"He just wanted to go over to fight for his country, and serve his country," said Sheehan’s mother Cindy Sheehan

Sister Carly Sheehan said… "He would stay up at night worrying about the world. From the time he was little, my mom would find him awake at night. He couldn’t sleep because he was too worried about the world.

He just wanted to take care of the world, and he gave his life for it."

» 04-06-2004

But Mother Sheehan has since changed her tune. She now endlessly regurgitates some variation of the following–which is from an interview featured on Howard Dean’s paid stooge site, the Daily Kos:

DS: How did Casey feel about going to Iraq?

CS: He didn’t want to go. He felt the war was wrong and did not support George Bush, but he felt it was his duty to go.

Cindy then goes on to admit this:

DS: Have you lost any friends or family over this? Or, how do your husband and neighbors feel about your sudden rise to prominence in the media and the role you’ve accepted in those venues?

 CS: I have lost almost every friend that I had before Casey died.

Gee, I wonder why.

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