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Sheehan Writes Deed – Using Magic Marker

As all the world knows by now, Cindy Sheehan is back and ready to resume her campaign against the United States and rationality in general.

Indeed, as we have noted, Mother Sheehan has teamed up with one of the more laughably inept losers of the peace movement. Saint Cindy is even threatening to run against the media’s other darling, Nancy Pelosi.

So who are we to doubt her?

After all Ms. Sheehan regularly calls the President, most of our elected representatives, and anybody who disagrees with her brilliant insights "rightest morons."

Still, imagine our surprise when we saw that she had written the deed to her (fraudulently obtained) Texas property with a magic marker:

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan addresses supporters before turning the deed to her land, "Camp Casey", a protest site near President Bush’s ranch, over to radio talk-show host Bree Walker in Crawford, Texas July 7, 2007.

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan holds the deed to her land, "Camp Casey," shortly before turning the deed over to Bree Walker in Crawford, Texas July 7, 2007.

Of course it hardly matters how this document is written up.

We all know that Cindy Sheehan is a woman of her word.

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