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Cindy Resumes Bush Stalking In Crawford

From the photoshoppers at Reuters:

Iraq protester Sheehan returns to Crawford

CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) – Cindy Sheehan, who gained international attention a year ago for protesting the Iraq war, returned to the town near President George W. Bush’s ranch on Sunday to resume her protest.

Talking to reporters, Sheehan defended the purchase of a 5-acre (2 hectare) plot of land for use as a protest location. The land was purchased by her supporters through a third party to keep secret her connection to it.

"I just had a third party do it because I know that they wouldn’t have sold property to me," Sheehan said.

The previous owner of the property, Celia Ramsey, told ABC News, "We were duped, we were deceived, we had no idea" that Sheehan was behind the purchase.

Crawford residents angry at her presence "just need to relax a little bit and learn to live with us," said Sheehan, whose soldier son, Casey, was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Sheehan, who timed her visit to Crawford to coincide with Bush’s 10-day vacation, said she would donate the land to the town when the war is over in hopes it will be used as a memorial peace park.

Reporters and camera crews outnumbered protesters at the camp set up on the land, although organizers were hoping that more Sheehan supporters would arrive later.

As is usual at Cindy Sheehan’s "events" the press outnumber the demonstrators.

Given that, it’s funny how the media refused to report on Mother Sheehan’s illegal activities (see the Logan Act) in Lebanon. They didn’t even run one photo of her there. Not even a faked one. Why is that?

But they always have time for pictures like this:

Notice too, how the media has completely ignored the minor fact that Cindy lied her head off about her "fast." From which she is still obviously "suffering":

Is that "Jamba Juice"?


Several people have asked about the brunette woman who seems to have replaced the gay Marine bugler Jeff Key as Mother Sheehan’s constant companion.

This AP caption supplies the answer, along with a rainbow flag as a gentle hint:

Cindy Sheehan, left, tours the property that she bought with Tiffany Burns near Crawford, Texas, to set up her Camp Casey, Sunday, Aug. 6, 2006.

Cindy calls Tiffany her " assistant." But Code Pink kindly fills in the rest of the blanks:

Tiffany Burns

Campaigns coordinator and invaluable resource person at large.

Tiffany can be reached at: tiffany@codepinkalert.org

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ®

Just don’t tell any of Cindy’s "freedom fighters" who ascribe to Sharia law.

Or Code Pink’s hero, Fidel Castro.

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