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Sheehan Teams Up With EX-VFP Soderberg

From Gordon Soderberg’s New Orleans Voices For Peace:

Cindy Sheehan Comming [sic] to New Orleans July 11th 07

Cindy Sheehan is back in the struggle for peace humanity [sic] and coming to New Orleans next Wednesday July, 11. On [sic] her way from Crawford Texas to Washington DC and NY, NY.

Local Schedule: July 11 arrive New Orleans, LA. events in N.O. Time: 2pm location Lower Ninth Ward Deslonde St @ The Levee Wall. Evening camp at Bayou Liberty Slidell, LA July 12 morning leave Slidell for Montgomery Al.

We’re looking for help to find a location to hold a rally, maybe Lower Ninth Ward, Levee Wall Deslonde St. 2pm and to get the word into the local press and to feed the group traveling with her dinner on the 11th and breakfast on the 12th. I will know more shortly. Contact me if your are interested in participating.

Cindy Sheehan and her fellow protesters will be staying at Camp Bayou Liberty.

Partnering organization will be welcome to come out and enjoy dinner and a movie of Camp Casey Day One, and Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts and sit and talk by the camp fire. It will be a BIG FIRE! Weather permitting.

Thanks for considering to help with this short notice but, worth while [sic] project.

Please join New Orleans Voices For Peace and express your motivations, creativity, and actions for stopping the wars our country wages, the violence in our streets.

New Orleans Voices For Peace is a project of Plenty International
Contact: Gordon Soderberg
(504) 613-0174

And the press release for this historic event:


– JULY 6th 2007

New Orleans CONTACT:

Gordon Soderberg
504 613-0174 gordonsoderberg@mac.com

Cindy Sheehan is back in the fight for peace justice and coming to New Orleans next Wednesday July, 11, 2007.  On her way from Crawford, Texas to Washington, DC and then to the “Gather in of Hearts Fest” Central Park, NY, NY.

Updates and any changes to the New Orleans event will be posted here: http://neworleansvfp.ning.com

Rally Lower Ninth Ward Deslonde St @ the location of the Levee Wall breach

Local Schedule For New Orleans: July 11 arrive New Orleans, LA. 2pm-ish Deslonde St in Lower Ninth Ward Levee Wall. Evening dinner and camp fire talks at Bayou Liberty Slidell, LA for partnering Organizations directions provided at the afternoon event.

Help get the word into the local press and/or make a donation @ http://neworleansvfp.ning.com to feed the group dinner on July 11th and breakfast on the 12th.

Thanks for considering to help with this short notice but, worth while [sic] project.

New Orleans Contact Gordon Soderberg New Orleans Voices For Peace http://neworleansvfp.ning.com
504 613-0174

We need local volunteers/ Organizers to help at each stop. What we would need from each local organizer:

Housing/ Camp site for Walkers Dinner after rally/action and Breakfast the next morning before resuming walk. Help to plan a rally in your city If applicable an action outside of your congressional office.

National Tour Contact: Please e-mail Dede [Miller, Cindy’s sister] at tiggerloli@aol.com if you can help us in your city.



Cindy decided to get back into the fight after The Bush League White House commuted the sentence of I. Skater Libby. Her goal is not to lead the movement.

Rather, to use her name and access to media to help local organization get media attention to hear opinions of the Democratic Machine that used her up and spit her out after the elections last fall.

Contrary to popular thinking she does not have allot [sic] of money. Since the Democrats have walked away from her mission so has most of her support from BIG MONEY.

So we are back to the grassroots and helping the peace movement build the from the bottom up. As we did when a few other veterans took her to Crawford to ask Bush for what Noble Cause did her son die on August 6th 2005?


I’ve been in New Orleans since September 2nd volunteering to help and video taping what the grassroots relief orgs have been doing to fill in where the FED-STATE Governments have abandoned their responsibilities. For me, this is a challenge and a opportunity as most worth while [sic] causes are. It is a challenge because, I’m trying to organizes this myself with very little time and absolutely no Money.

Volunteering dose [sic] not pay well. And two years of it has tapped me out. That is why I’m reaching out to the community for assistance. This is an opportunity to show solidarity and raise our collective voices for peace with a woman who will never give up and never give in. As M. Mead once said. Nothing ever changes with these kinds of people.

So, please consider helping me help her to help each other.

Gordon Soderberg gordonsoderberg@…
504 613-0174

Regular readers of this site will recognize the name and literary stylings of Gordon Soderberg:

He is the (hilariously illiterate) shameless grifter who seems to have been kicked out of practically every organization he has ever associated with — including the (none too choosy) Veterans For Peace (pdf link):


In the past, an individual named Gordon Soderberg has been associated with Veterans For Peace in a number of capacities including several California VFP chapter sponsored road trips and our Hurricane Katrina relief efforts along the Gulf Coast.

Please be advised that Gordon Soderberg is no longer a member of or associated with Veterans For Peace. He is not authorized to raise funds or organize activities on behalf of VFP and does not speak for or represent us in any way.

Veterans For Peace
Board of Directors
August 12, 2006

And speaking of grifting, here is one of Mr. Soderberg’s more recent list of demands:

We have non profit 501-c3 status and will provide great deal of coverage for any donor who can boot us up!

Could you spread this around as a needs list!.

Office Equipment Software and Multi Media Production & Presentation Suite

PowerBook 17″ Part Number:
Z0CA Ultra ATA drive @ 5400rpm
Backlit Keyboard/Mac OS – U.S English
SuperDrive DL (DVD+RW/CD-RW)
AirPort Extreme Card & Bluetooth
2GB PC2-4200
iWork ‘05 preinstalled

Brenthaven Pro 15-inch/17-inch Backpack
Part Number: TC459LL/A

AppleCare Protection Plan for PowerBook (w/or w/o Display) – Auto-enroll
Part Number: S2304Z/A

Xerox Phaser 8550DP Color Printer
Part Number: TE460LL/A

Canon XL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder
Part Number: TA661LL/A

Canon Digital Rebel XT
8MP SLR w/ Lens – Black
Part Number: TC546LL/A


Lockable Hard Case (XL Cameras)
Part Number: T4213LL/A

InFocus X2 Projector
Part Number: T9395LL/A

.Mac – Family Pack Promotion
Part Number: BA382LL/A

Office 2004 for Mac – Professional Edition
Part Number: T9187LL/A

Adobe Creative Suite 2 – Premium
Part Number: TC818LL/A

Final Cut Studio
Part Number: M9911Z/A

Shure 100WD Microphone System
Part Number: TA978LL/A

Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger” Family Pack
Part Number: M9640Z/A

iPod 60GB personalized – Black
Part Number: PA147LL/A
Veterans For Peace
New Orleans 2005

Bang & Olufsen A8 Headphones
Part Number: TB634LL/A

Bose SoundDoc Digital Music System
Part Number: TA874LL/A

Incase Leather Folio for iPod nano (Black)
Part Number: TF276LL/A

Griffin iTalk – iPod Voice Recorder
Part Number: T9635LL/A

Cart Subtotal: $18,472.55

Delivery Vans (2) ( No Side or Rear Windows), Box trucks, or school buses.
Auto or stick, (Desiel). Perfered new or low miles
$$$$$$ ???

This is actually a more modest request than their previous lists of demands. Except for the vans, trucks, buses.

And of course one wonders about their 501c3 “charity” status, since Cindy Sheehan has lied about having that before.

Still, that Cindy Sheehan is (once again) teaming up with Gordo signals a new low in her brilliant career, which has already had more than its fair share of low points. 

(Thanks to JB Matthews for the heads up.)

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