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Cindy Sheehan Horns In On Hostage’s Death

Clearly her handlers will not pass up any opportunity to keep their client in the news.

If you want to keep your speaking fees high, you must be in the news.

From something called Electronic Iraq:

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan (R) argues with a police officer before being arrested for blocking the door to the U.S. Mission offices in New York March 6, 2006.

A Letter from Cindy Sheehan to Tom Fox’s Family

Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families for Peace, 13 March 2006

To the family of Tom Fox and to the Christian Peacemaker Teams:

My heart is breaking for Mr. Fox’s family and for the world. This is a dark day for peace and justice. The loss of a man of the stature of Tom Fox and the loss of his voice for peace and reconciliation is a tragedy for our country which operates so often from a paradigm of violence. Every voice for peace is imperative and needed.

I am always told that I am brave, but what I do pales weakly in comparison with the actions of Tom Fox and the Christian Peacemakers who put their actual lives on the line everyday to make the world a better place and to save lives of our brothers and sisters who are in danger.

Jesus said: "To give up one’s life for a friend, there is no greater love than this," (John 15:13). This is the same Gospel passage that was read at my son, Casey’s, funeral. Jesus went on to say that it is even more sacred to give up your life for people you don’t even know.

Tom lived his life out of his moral center and gave freely of his life to save lives of people he would probably never meet.

Now, the world is begging for the safe release of the other three Christian Peacemakers who are still held hostage. The way to peace is not violence. The way to peace is only through peace and a respect for all life. The killing of Tom Fox does nothing to foster peace in the Middle East but can be used for a renewed call for the immediate withdrawal of all coalition troops from Iraq so the people of Iraq can rebuild their lives and their country. So the killing of innocents and our American troops can stop.

I did not want my son’s death to be exploited to justify more deaths in Iraq and I am sure Tom and his family would agree. It is past time for the cycle of violence and killing to stop.

It is time for we peacekmakers [sic] and peace activists from around the world to join our hands and our voices together to demand an end to the violence and killing.

Tom Fox and his selfless sacrifice for humanity make me proud to be a human being. I just wish such a holy act of sacrifice was not necessary or required of Tom.

Tom is at peace now, I pray for this peace for Tom’s family and for our world.

In Peace and Solidarity,

Cindy Sheehan and Gold Star Families for Peace

So it is true, even the devil can quote scripture. But here is my favorite passage from Mother Sheehan’s historic missive:

Tom lived his life out of his moral center and gave freely of his life to save lives of people he would probably never meet.

Of course this is true of Casey Sheehan, though tragically his mother no longer will admit it.

But how is what Casey did and other brave soldiers are doing so wrong? And why is helping the murdering terrorists, as Fox did, so right?

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