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Sheehan’s “3 Dozen” Protesters – Photos

From her die-hard fans at Reuters:

Iraq war protester marches to Bush’s ranch

By Steve Holland

Iraq war protester Cindy Sheehan urged President George W. Bush to “end this madness” in Iraq on Friday in a march toward Bush’s ranch.

Sheehan, a vocal protester of the war since her soldier son, Casey, was killed in Iraq in 2004, also expressed disappointment with Democrats in charge of the U.S. Congress for failing to stop the war.

Sheehan took advantage of a heavy media presence covering Bush’s Easter weekend by leading an anti-war protest of about three dozen people in a march to the security checkpoint outside Bush’s ranch.

Sheehan asked police at the security checkpoint for permission to go see Bush and was told no. She and her group set up an altar with candles on top and she read aloud some of the names of the more than 3,200 American soldiers killed in Iraq.

She said her message to Bush was for him to “end this madness” in Iraq before more people are killed.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and America who are dead forever, and there are families who are destroyed forever because of George Bush’s policies,” she told reporters…

Sheehan said the anti-war movement has been betrayed by Democrats because their legislation delays the withdrawal.

“We think the timeline is now, not 18 months or two years or whenever they feel like it,” she said, adding that, “Yeah, people are feeling betrayed.” …

“Three dozen people.” Probably all paid professional protesters.

So far the photographers recording this historic event have gone out of their way to avoid showing this throng.

So it probably it is probably closer to three than three dozen.


Just as we suspected, the "three dozen" protesters are another media fantasy.

Granted our watchdog photographers have done their level best to disguise that sorry fact:



It just her usual entourage of the usual suspects, including her handler, Medea Benjamin.

Still, it is a step up from what Mother Sheehan was doing in Crawford this time last year.

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