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Sheehan Kicked Out Of State Of The Union


Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan (C), whose son was killed serving as a U.S. serviceman in Iraq, is escorted by security personnel into the House of Representatives chamber for the State of the Union address by President Bush on Capitol Hill in Washington January 31, 2006.


Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan is escorted out of the spectators’ gallery of the House of Representatives prior to the State of the Union Address by US President George W. Bush on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Sheehan was attending the president’s speech as a guest of US Representative Lynn Woolsey, a Democrat who has been an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq.


Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan (L, blonde hair), whose son was killed serving as a U.S. serviceman in Iraq, is rushed out of the U.S. House of Representatives chamber by security personnel after arriving for the State of the Union address by U.S. President George W. Bush on Capitol Hill in Washington January 31, 2006. There were unconfirmed reports that Sheehan had been arrested.

What a shock!

More details from the DNC’s Associated Press:

Activist Cindy Sheehan Arrested at Capitol

Jan 31 9:50 PM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer


Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a fallen soldier in Iraq who reinvigorated the anti-war movement, was arrested and removed from the House gallery Tuesday night just before President Bush’s State of the Union address, a police spokeswoman said.

Sheehan, who had been invited to attend the speech by Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif., was charged with demonstrating in the Capitol building, a misdemeanor, said Capitol Police Sgt. Kimberly Schneider. Sheehan was taken in handcuffs to police headquarters a few blocks away and her case was processed as Bush spoke.

Schneider said Sheehan had worn a T-shirt with an anti-war slogan to the speech and covered it up until she took her seat. Police warned her that such displays were not allowed, but she did not respond, the spokeswoman said.

Police handcuffed Sheehan and removed her from the gallery before Bush arrived. Sheehan was to be released on her own recognizance, Schneider said.

"I’m proud that Cindy’s my guest tonight," Woolsey said in an interview before the speech. "She has made a difference in the debate to bring our troops home from Iraq."

Woolsey offered Sheehan a ticket to the speech "Gallery 5, seat 7, row A" earlier Tuesday while Sheehan was attending an "alternative state of the union" press conference by CODEPINK, a group pushing for an end to the Iraq war.

Sheehan was arrested in September with about 300 other anti-war activists in front of the White House after a weekend of protests against the war in Iraq. In August, she spent 26 days camped near Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he was spending a working vacation.

Of course like running against Feinstein, this is just another trick Cindy learned from her handler Medea Benjamin and Code Pink.

Behold some of their media triumphs as recounted by taxpayer-supported, Democracy Now!:

Code Pink Activists Ejected From RNC Three Nights in a Row

While much of the protest at the RNC took place outside the Madison Square Garden, a surprising number of activists managed to disrupt the proceedings inside. For the third night in a row, activists from CODEPINK: Women for Peace were ejected from the RNC after disrupting the primetime addresses of speakers at the convention’s podium. Last night during President Bush’s acceptance speech, he had to stop speaking twice after activists held up antiwar signs before being dragged from the floor of Madison Square Garden. Activist Jodie Evans revealed a pink slip underneath her dress that read “Fire Bush! Women Say Bring the Troops Home Now!” Earlier in the evening, Jorge Medina, whose son Irving was killed in the Iraq war was ejected for wearing a t-shirt with his son’s photo on it and the words “Bush Lied, My Son Died.”

When the protesters disrupted Bush’s speech, delegates and others in the convention would begin chanting “Four More Years” in an effort to drown them out. This tactic seems to have been a coordinated response from the Republicans. Twice last night as Bush was speaking, the chant began for no clear reason. Moments later, Secret Service Agents could be seen dragging a demonstrator from the convention.

Earlier in the week, CODEPINK founder Medea Benjamin came within 30 feet of Vice President Dick Cheney as he sat in his box. She unfurled a pink banner that read “Be Pro-Life: Stop the Killing in Iraq.” She also managed to ask Cheney, “How much money have you made in Iraq today?” She was picked up by Secret Service agents and dragged from the floor and down a staircase. That same night, Fernando Suarez del Solar was also ejected from the convention. His son Jesus was killed in Iraq in March 2003. He stood near the Texas delegation and held up a sign that read “Bush Lied. My Son Died.”

The following night, as Dick Cheney was giving his prime-time address, CODEPINK activists Gael Murphy and Tiffany Burns unfurled a banner that read, “Cheney and Halliburton, Making a Killing in Iraq.” We are joined now by a few of the people who managed to disrupt the RNC from the inside.

 Now Medea needs to teach Cindy about timing.

"Make sure the TV cameras are on you first, hon."

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