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Sheehan Rushed To Hospital – For Attention

From Texas TV station KWTX:

Sheehan Taken To Emergency Room

August 11, 2006)—Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was being treated Friday evening in the emergency room of Providence Health Center in Waco.

Sheehan, who has been on a liquids-only diet for 37 days as part of a fast in protest of the war, was described as being gaunt and pale as she arrived at the hospital.

An assistant said Sheehan, who flew to Central Texas after a trip with other activists to Jordan to meet with members of Iraq’s new parliament, was being treated for exhaustion.

Sheehan, whose 24-year-old son Casey died in Iraq in 2004 while serving with Fort Hood’s 1st Cavalry Division, returned to Central Texas last week, after purchasing a 5-acre tract in the Crawford area.

She again took up her vigil in the area of the president’s Central Texas ranch, where afternoon temperatures have been at or above the century mark.

Maybe she got hold of a bad oyster whilst she was in Seattle, where she has sojourned since Tuesday.

It certainly isn't from her "fasting" which she gave up ten days ago.

But more likely it’s simply her on-camera deficit disorder kicking in.


Our intrepid correspondent, Crawford Activist, was on the job down in Texas even when Cindy couldn’t be bothered to:

Crawford Activist’s caption: I’m in the ditch with Cindy’s stand-in.

Crawford Activist’s caption: Some of Cindy’s friends at the gate to the RNC fundraiser that President Bush attended in Crawford. The young man on the left is in need of a job, though he seems perfectly happy without one.

Quite a turnout.

The media seems to have forgotten that Mother Sheehan has a very long history of missing events she has pledged to attend. (Such as last year’s Thanksgiving Day dinner demonstration.)

Like most prima donnas, Cindy doesn’t seem to feel obligated by having given her word.

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