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Cindy’s “Crawford Peace House” In Trouble

Regular readers will recognize some familiar names in this piece from Waco, Texas local NBC affiliate KCEN-TV:

Anti-war group in McLennan County loses it’s corporate status

Mar 28, 2007

A nationally known anti-war group in Mclennan County has lost its corporate status with the state, and a former member is calling for an investigation.

Officials in the Texas State Comptroller’s office said the Crawford Peace House hasn’t handed in required paperwork in nearly a year.

The Crawford Peace House is no longer an organization in the eyes of the state, and why that’s happened is coming into question by former members.

Their questions began in the summer of 2005, when the nearly bankrupt Crawford Peace House gained national attention as the rallying point for Cindy Sheehan and other anti-war demonstrators near President Bush’s ranch.

According to members, donations to the organization came pouring in at that time.

“There were buckets of money that came in. There were thousands and tens of thousands that came in. In cash and in checks.

[Reporter] You saw this? I was there. I’ve been there. I watched them collect it,” former member Sara Oliver said.

Oliver said she and other members were told by directors roughly $700,000 in all was donated.

Several years later, Peace House officials tell NBC 6 News there’s now only about $11,000 in the organization’s account.

The state needs to see the paperwork, and according to the state Comptroller’s office, the Crawford Peace House was delinquent in doing that in May of 2006, and still hasn’t done it.

Its corporate charter is now revoked.

“Why? Because we’re just not responsible about doing it, I guess. I can’t answer that. I would like for someone to come and volunteer for us to do that work for us,” Peace House Board Member Kay Lucas said.

Lucas showed NBC 6 News a non-specific budget for August of 2005, of less than $300,000 and another for an Easter event in 2006.

When asked about specific numbers and receipts, Lucas said she didn’t have any available.

She also said the delinquent status for filing was in part due to paperwork being sent back.

“The IRS was asking us all these questions that I just did not know how to answer,” Lucas said.

The directors at the Crawford Peace House may have yet another problem on their hands.

They may not be able to use the name Crawford Peace House.

In documents obtained by NBC 6 News, it turns out Oliver has also filed for the name.

She said if members want to continue using the organization’s name, they must answer her questions about where all the money has gone.

“To get that back; they have to go to court. And if they want to go to court, they can go to court. And my attorney will explain to the judge everything that happened and ask for a full investigation,” Oliver said.

Right now that’s something that Kay Lucas said she isn’t willing to do.

A spokesperson for the Texas Comptroller said if a Texas corporate charter is forfeited, officers or directors can become personally liable for any debts incurred by that entity.

One of the directors of the Peace House is Cindy Sheehan.

Cindy Sheehan at the unveiling of her monument at the Crawford Peace House.

Of course these anti-Semitic folks hated America even before they heard of Cindy Sheehan:

Indeed, the founder of the “Peace House” is an Iraqi named Hadi Jawad.

So it’s about time some of these frauds got busted.

Hopefully Cindy is next.

(Thanks to NavyCopJoe for the heads up.)

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