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Cindy Sheehan Angles For A Vacation In Italy

It’s said that when good Americans die, they go to Italy. Maybe Mother Sheehan
just wants to catch up with her courageous son.

Or maybe she just wants an all expenses paid vacation to Italy, plus her estimated $30,000 a pop speaking fee.

The latest Sheehanigans from All Headline News :

US peace activist Sheehan urges Italy to pull out of Iraq

Wed Sep 21, 9:03 AM ET

American anti-war icon Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, called on Italy to withdraw its troops from the country in a newspaper interview .

"Italy should withdraw its troops from Iraq," she said in remarks published in Wednesday’s edition of La Stampa. "If you want, I will come and ask you in person. I will go everywhere I can to do something to end the war.

"You should withdraw from Iraq along will all occupation forces. The Americans have no reason to stay there, and the Italians even less," Sheehan was quoted as saying.

Well, who can blame her? After spending August in Crawford, Texas? And then
the last couple of weeks enduring all that adulation and all those gala luncheons?

Even plaster saints need some R & R now and then, preferably in a nice sunny spot with good food and wine.

Of course Italy is famous for its
ubiquitous paparazzi. So our hero mother won’t have to worry about going through any
camera withdraw from her media-whoring selfless campaign for peace.

Better still, Cindy will avoid any risk of them actually understanding what she is saying.

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