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Sheehan: We’re The Light, They’re Darkness

Having just embarrassed herself among her fellow crackpots by complaining about losing media attention to hurricane Rita, Mother Sheehan burned the midnight oil to scribe yet another rant for the Howard Dean paid shill site, the Daily Kos.

The self-appointed saint didn't mean what she said before about being ignored. Suddenly, Cindy is now "content." After all, she now has the moral authority of the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as her sword and buckler.

However, Cindy does admit she is a clown, which would seem to be some progress:

We Don't Exist

Sat Sep 24th, 2005 at 21:04:25 PDT

by Cindy Sheehan

Last weekend, Karl Rove said that I was a clown and the antiwar movement was "non-existent." I wonder if the hundreds of thousands of people who showed up today to protest this war and George's failed policies know that they don't exist. It is also so incredible to me that Karl thinks that he can wish us away by saying we aren't real. Well, Karl and Co., we are real, we do exist and we are not going away until this illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq is over and you are sent back to the depths of whatever slimy, dark, and loathsome place you came from. I may be a clown Karl, but you are about to be indicted. You also preside over one of the biggest three ring, malevolent circuses of all time: the Bush administration.

The rally today was overwhelming and powerful. The reports that I was arrested today were obviously false. The peace rally was mostly very peaceful. Washington, DC was filled with energetic and proud Americans who came from all over to raise their voices in unison against the criminals who run our government and their disastrous policies that our making our nation more vulnerable to all kinds of attacks (natural and "Bush" made disasters).

I led the march for peace along side such venerable activists as the Reverends Al Sharpton, Bob Edgars, and Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Julian Bond. Two of our Congresswomen with cajones from California: Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey also led the march.

Many people told me thank you for coming. I want to tell America "thank you!!" At the Camp Casey reunion this evening, I was so overcome with emotion and gratitude that I wanted to hug every citizen of this country. We in the Camp Casey movement are so proud and thrilled that America showed up in such great numbers.

So much happened today! I am exhausted but very content. I am again filled with a renewed sense of hope that we will get our country back and get our troops home. I was also thrilled at the number of young people who came out today. That is another great sign that the side of good is winning.

With the Reverends, we stopped in front of the White House and said a prayer. After the prayer, I said that we are light and they are darkness. Darkness can NEVER overcome the light, ever. As long as there is one spark, the darkness has lost. We will prevail, we will be victorious. The darkness has lost because our beacons of peace and truth are shining for the entire world to see. And it is a very pretty sight. Take that Karl.

By the way, look how eagerly Mother Sheehan promulgates yet another preposterous lie:

"I wonder if the hundreds of thousands of people who showed up today to protest this war and George's failed policies know that they don't exist."

No, Cindy, none of these people beyond say 10-15,000 actually exist. Not even using Million Man Math.

As a point of reference, this is what a crowd of 100,000 people looks like. (The Los Angeles Coliseum, whose seating capacity is actually only 93,000.)

In fact yesterday's rally was about the same size or probably even less than the other rallies ANSWER has staged over the last few years.

Compare the photos from ANSWER's rally to a march that most agree reached into the hundreds of thousands, the lesbian baby-killers March for Women's Lives rally, held in April 2004.

By some accounts the MFWL was the largest rally ever to be held in Washington, or at least since the Vietnam War.

The Ellipse, where ANSWER held its Support The Terrorists rally, is a relatively small space, especially compared to the rest of The National Mall.

You will note that the MFWL crowd completely overflowed the entire Mall, an area many times larger than the Ellipse.

But what's another lie when you are overcoming darkness?

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