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VFP “Lawyer” Is Fake Vietnam Combat Vet

But a real grifter.

Of course Ward Reilly's hate-America career did not start with Cindy Sheehan. He has been a longtime member of John Kerry's notorious Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Reilly is also a frequent scribbler of numerous unreadable anti-American screeds. Often with unintentionally ironic titles such as, "All We Want Is The Truth."

Alas, it is a lie. A damnable lie. A lie Ward Reilly has been living off of for years. Ward Reilly was never in Vietnam and he is not a combat veteran.

But don't take my word for it. When confronted by Tim Blair, whose site uncovered Reilly's bogus military claims, the man himself replied thusly:

NOWHERE in the article, or anywhere else, have I claimed to have served in Viet Nam….I served, proudly, for 32 months in Germany in the 1st & 16th(Rangers) as a mortar gunner, starting in 1971, when I volunteered for the infantry at age 17.(With 2 full years left in the ground war in Viet Nam)

I went where the army sent me…that what soldiers do. I could have just as easily been sent to Viet Nam, but I got lucky.

Alas, this is also a lie. As anyone who can click a mouse can see. Reilly claimed to be a Vietnam combat veteran early and often.

Even after Reilly's meticulous airbrushing of his past posts, the internet is still chock full of comments like these:

Ward Reilly, of Baton Rouge, La., is a Vietnam combat veteran.

Vietnam veteran Ward Reilly, and several others spoke against the horrors they had seen within our own country and our actions abroad.

Those are all my buddies, my pals! Ward Reilly, the Viet Nam vet from Baton Rouge is snoring in the other bed right now.

(This was quite the tradition amongst the VVAW, doncha know. Including even its erstwhile leader, Al Hubbard.)

But faux warrior Ward Reilly doesn't just serve as legal counsel for Mother Sheehan. He also has his hand stuck deep in the Veterans For Peace's despicable attempt to skim money off of the Katrina disaster.

As we have discussed elsewhere, the VFP are raising money by claiming to be "supporting" the Red Cross with food, medical supplies, doctors and internet equipment.

This is of course preposterous on the face of it. But it hasn't stopped them from spreading their request for donations far and wide across the internet and "alternative media."

And it turns out none other than Ward Reilly is the VFP's point of delivery for whatever they happen to harvest from their fraudulent fundraising:

Send it to Veterans For Peace Chapter 116 C/O Ward Reilly, 645 Kimbro Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

Our mission is to open a supply line into Southern Louisiana that cannot be broken.

And Reilly's home address also appears at the bottom of the VPS' preposterous list of demands requests:

We need to have more tools and software to be truely effective:

Apple iMac G5 Computers 20" Monitor = $3,000 each
500 Gigabyte Firewire Hard Drives = $500 each
Canon XL2Digital Video Camera = $4,500 each
Digital Projector (3000 lumens) =$1,000 each
Apple iPods with recording = $300 each [elsewhere the VFP claim they cost $600]
Monthly Satellite Access and Website Hosting Fee = $200 pr/mo

Donations for our multi media equipment will support refugees, volunteers, Red Cross, staff, press, keep in touch through via email, web, blogs, and teleconferencing.

UPS & FEDEX (U.S. Postal Service Not Yet Deliverable)
Veterans For Peace Chapter 116 C/O
645 Kimbro Drive, Baton Rouge, LA. 70808

Indeed, if you Google that address, you will find that Ward Reilly has been a very busy bee, making sure everyone knows exactly where to send their goodies. (He usually does it under different noms de grift.) It's a wonder our hero has anytime to help the poor refugees.

Ward Reilly (on left)

But, sure, put all those checks, foodstuffs, medical supplies and all of that expensive computer equipment intended for the "support of the Red Cross" into the honest hands of Mr. Reilly. We know he'll do the right thing with them.

It's not like he's ever lied to us before.

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