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Photos Hide Turnout At Cindy Sheehan’s Camp

It is becoming almost comical the contortions the media is going through to hide the fact that there is no one with Cindy down in Crawford.

Boom microphones follow Gold Star Families for Peace member Cindy Sheehan after she made a statement to the press at Camp Casey near US President George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. Sheehan, the anti-Iraq-war standard-bearer, returned to the camp after a break to tend to her ailing mother.

Cindy arrived with about 40 people and from what I have seen, the numbers there never got much above 100–if even that. In every shot that isn’t insanely cropped or artfully cockeyed you can almost see the tumbleweeds blowing through the background:

Maybe I’m living in the past, but I thought the idea of journalism on some level was to report the facts. Wouldn’t a very pertinent fact in all of this be just how many people have shown up with Cindy? I have never seen that figure reported.

All I have ever seen is our one party media doing their damnedest to make it look like there were a lot more people with Mother Sheehan than there ever were.

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