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Cindy Sheehan Seeks Restraining Order

From the irony-proof San Francisco Chronicle:

Sheehan seeking restraining order

Cindy Sheehan, the dogged peace activist who camped outside President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch after her son was killed in Iraq, is now seeking a restraining order against one of the volunteers in her long-shot congressional campaign.

Sheehan, an independent candidate challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, contends erstwhile volunteer Paul Currier has been sending threatening emails to her campaign after they tried to sever ties with him.

Currier, 56, a self-described community organizer who says he eats daily at St. Anthony’s free-food program yet is the only resident of the Tenderloin’s Boyd Hotel with an iPhone, contends he’s being targeted because he’s disillusioned with Sheehan.

Currier has sent e-mails to the campaign accusing Sheehan of being a sham candidate who is raising funds — about $500,000 so far, according to the campaign — but not spending the money on advertising, phone banks and other steps to win votes.

“I think it’s fraud, and I find it offensive. Where’s all the money being spent?” said Currier, who says he’s now ceased contact. “I’m not being abusive.”

Sheehan campaign manager Tiffany Burns pointed to window signs, volunteers handing out fliers, robo-calls and planned print ads. She said Currier was never in a position to know how campaign funds were being used.

A hearing on the restraining order — to cover 16 people, including Sheehan — is scheduled for Oct. 29 in San Francisco Superior Court, less than a week before the election.

So how does a political gadfly come to seek legal clamps on an outspoken critic?

“If it was just harassment of Cindy, there may have been different considerations, but we have a lot of volunteers in the office,” Burns said. “He just doesn’t want to let it go.”

Mind you, this is a woman who came to “fame” by being a stalker.

Anyway, Mr. Currier asks some very pertinent questions.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, October 17th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

31 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan Seeks Restraining Order”

  1. GuppyNblue says:

    How is she paying the bills? Is Sheehan independently wealthy? I know her kind don’t like to make an honest living but she has to be living on something. And this 56 year old community organizer/bum is probably just pissed that he’s not getting a piece of the action.

  2. sheehanjihad says:

    Did you notice how when Sheehan and “donations” appear in the same paragraph, it is inevitably followed by “where is the money, you Snag?” If she wasnt such a pathetic mentally deficient douchebag grifting lying thief…this would be laughable….as it is, Cindy Sheehan is getting donations under false pretenses yet again, and using the money for personal reasons. Oh, yeah, those flyers in shop windows…..Kinko’s at 20 cents a pop. Lets see, that leaves over four hundred fifty thousand dollars for uh, the Snag! What’s new? From Kamp Kasey III to this stupidity….she is making a comfortable living off of other people’s money. She will fit right in in the House of Reprehensibles….that must look like a candy store to the snag…..

  3. Kilmeny says:

    Irony, delicious irony.

  4. DEZ says:

    LOL @ SJ, Kinko’s was the same thing that crossed my mind.

  5. DW says:

    Is it just me, or didn’t you find SJ’s post somewhat disappointing? I mean, here’s the first CS thread in quite a while and yet all we get from him is one paragraph???
    And one filled with nothing but facts.
    Where’s the old inflammatory SJ that we’re used to? Where’s the poetry? The eloquence that only SJ can bring to the table?

    Maybe the poor guy is just getting old. Can’t keep a proper hate-on going anymore.
    Maybe he’s softening up on us.
    What a shame eh?

    (stir, stir ;-)

  6. JohnMG says:

    DW; ……”Maybe the poor guy is just getting old…..”

    ‘And the years dwindle down….to a precious few….November……’

    It’s just a case of fatigue, me thinks. ;-}

  7. DW says:

    Nawww…I think he’s done for, John.
    No more lead in that pencil.

    Too bad you weren’t here for his first anti-snag “song” -when he redid the lyrics for “Proud to be American” by Lee Greenwood. It was an instant S&L classic.

    Ahhh..the old days…
    I guess he will “fight no more forever”…

    (STIR, STIR)

  8. JohnMG says:

    …..”I guess he will “fight no more forever”…

    Ooooohh. them’s fightin’ words SJ. Gimme a “C”…..gimme an “I”….gimme an “N”……


  9. DW says:

    Nothing John.
    He’s truly gone.
    Might as well make the funeral arrangements…

    Pastor: SG

    Pall bearers: JohnMG, 1sttofight, DEZ, Illbedogged, navycopjoe, Warmonger Infidel

    Firing Party: Rakkasan, RmyMac, Fluffy, Rocketman, Sharps Rifle, Reality Bytes, Atlien

    Bugler: DW

    Dolled-up women -looking terrific and crying: Kilmeny, Texaspsue, Englishqueen01, Shapter, Groovygrl, Jerseyrgirl, Dulcimergirl, Esthier, Wardmama, Retire05,

    *We’ll miss ya SJ*

  10. wardmama4 says:

    Oh you guys went straight for the obvious – too easy. We know the perpetual fake grieving ‘Mother’ Sheehan is a grifter’s grifter. From wasting her son’s SGLI, to the GSFP site (which is still applying for 501c3 status), to the missing funds from the Crawford Peace House, to selling Camp Casey, to her new found ‘vocation’ campaigning against Pelosi (they deserve each other) – she is a champion at stealing under the guise of doing something.

    However, you didn’t catch that our fair weather stalker is also a grifter or is this just a sympathetic ‘journalist’ protecting a fav Snag? Either way – they deserve each other and will probably waste a lot of money he said/she said via lawyers. Although Mr. Currier could get lucky in Ms Sheehan (the great and beloved stateswoman she is) might represent herself. Won’t that be a hoot – might actually qualify as ‘must see tv’!

    It is nice to see Ms Tiffany ‘Expose Bush’ Burns is still at ‘Mother’ Sheehan’s side – I shudder to think what those two did to get the boot from Code Pinkos.

    Excuse me now – I must go bleach my brain to get those images out. . .Sorry to all.

  11. sheehanjihad says:

    Hey, I was eating dinner!!

    So lets look at this from my perspective. The only restraining order that needs to be served is the one for her face. That dried leather look is so “old Crawford”….and I will say that her fire ant therapy has done wonders for the pock marks on her nose too. As for her expenditures on her campaign, Tiffany and her sat down over a bowl of twinky and Crisco casserole with cans of cheese whiz, got some Sharpies they stole from a girl scout…got some discarded Milky Way wrappers and wrote “Vote fer Cindy” on them, and stuck them on lamp posts with old chewing gum they pried off that park bench were their poll workers were earning extra money by selling “favors”.

    Even though the snag’s campaign has taken people, er I mean taken in more than half a million dollars, the expenditures for all of the “get out to vote” items comes to a little over 11 dollars, and the rest has been put somewhere else, and now Tiff and the Snag are complaining that they are broke again, because they have only managed to steal almost all of it, spent it on things the campaign was in dire need of….like a used Yugo station wagon, a bundle of metal fence posts, thirty bushels of canola seeds, a ten pound bag of “uncle snuffy’s yaaller biscuit mix”…a small broken down Vespa scooter that Cindy gets on at night with a licorice stick in her mouth and a tin foil helmet on her head, and she stomps her feet and goes “varoooooooom varooooooooooooom!” under the streetlight down on the corner by the White Castle.

    They also purchased some used albums by Slim Whitman, a mounted chipmunk posing as the “last of it’s kind” in a display at the old Sierra Club Member’s Group Home and Neuter Clinic…Tiffany bought herself a new pair of drawers at the Tenderloin Tent and Awning company, and some legal pads they planned on putting in the copy machine at the library to make more legal pads with. Cindy still thinks she can beat incumbent douchebag Nancy Pelosi..(Douche…cal.) by running on a platform of “end the war in Iraq”. now just because the war in Iraq is pretty much over with, she is now running on the “end the Berlin Blockade” and also siding with Generalissimo Fransisco Franco on his running of the Spanish Civil War.

    She has taken out restraining orders on the entire population of the city of San Francisco…and they are honoring them by avoiding her at all costs. when she went jogging, a number of people called 911 and reported a” flopping bag of skin filled with walnuts” wobbling down the street making children cry. She took out a restraining order on a pizza place’s dumpster, claiming it was talking to her, and ordering her to stand in front of a bus as a test for her liberalism. She was also asked to leave the transit authority parking lot after she was caught capturing bus fumes in large plastic bags to take home and inhale with her group of supporter. Tiffany was waving her hanky over the fence, encouraging her by promising to give her a washtub full of cold cream of mushroom soup with chocolate and tuna vinegar sauce.

    Cindy is such a dumb ass. How on earth did someone with her intellect make it as far as she did? Well, look at the upcoming election. If this fat semi retarded lame brained lunatic can get people to donate money thinking she will win, well, now you know how Hussein OB is going to make it too. Just when you think that the democrat base, the liberal leftists, and the collective socialists of this country cant produce anyone more stupid, inarticulate, idiotic, ugly, real ugly, I mean fuggin ugly, well now, here comes cindy sheehan! She has stolen more money in the past three years than Barney Frank did in the past ten.

    But, now she is being stalked….by another loser….homeless with an ipod? Sounds like Cindy with a calculator. But, she is running, just not far enough away. I hope she wins though, because Pelosi isnt stupid, she is dangerous….the Snag on the other hand, is just plain ugly. Fat, ugly, and with zero redeeming social value. Run Snaggoo….run.

    I sent an email to the Snag with DW’s and JohnMG’s email address in it…saying they were interested in funding Cindy’s campaign…..old and tired eh? Why I oughtta…..

  12. DW says:

    I feel better now -LOL.

    Funeral party – Disssssss-missed!

  13. sheehanjihad says:

    ( I aint dead yet)

  14. JohnMG says:

    From the movie “The Princess Bride”………

    “Turns out your friend isn’t all the way dead, he’s just MOSTLY dead. There’s a difference”

    Yaaaaaay SJ!! By the way, Cindy sent me an e-mail asking for your autograph. I couldn’t help myself. I told her I couldn’t guarantee anything…..but I’d try. You wouldn’t disappoint a fan, now, would ya”?

  15. LastconservativeinMA says:

    Thank you, SJ….that’s just what I needed after a very bad night at work!!

  16. 1sttofight says:

    Hey SJ, don’t be a dissing that great American singer, Slim Whitman. His songs did more to save the Earth than Algored .
    I know it is true because I saw it in a movie.

    BTW, I built my first computer from scratch today and it is what I am using to post this.

    He he he, $140 for the parts.

  17. Exeter says:

    There’s something about Sheehan (WSSCWKII) that nobody seems to be pointing out: Damn, but she’s ugly.

  18. crosspatch says:

    Political campaigns are the biggest financial racket there is. You collect gobs of cash in donations and hire your relatives, friends, friends’ relatives, etc. to be staff on your campaign. Hire “consultants” who kick back a portion of their fee in yet more donations or you get them to kick in donations to political allies who then campaign for more donations for yours.

    Political campaigns are just a big cash party.

    One thing we could do is go back to having the Senate directly appointed by the state legislatures like it was for the first 100+ years. That would take billions out of the “campaign industry” and we might end up with ugly Senators who can’t run a marketing campaign but are smart and know what they are doing. Changing the Senate to popular elections was one of the biggest mistakes of the “Progressive Era”.

  19. dulcimergrl says:

    Ah, SJ, I knew you still had it in ya! Reports of your death have been greatly exaggerated!

  20. crosspatch says:

    Weren’t there questions surrounding finances at that place she bought in Texas? I thought I read about there here a long time ago.

  21. sheehanjihad says:

    Too bad you weren’t here for his first anti-snag “song” – Is there anyone who archived those “songs”? The archived S&L doesnt include comments. Dang, I wished I would have saved them. Dulcimergrl!!! Damn woman, good to see you!!!

  22. Kilmeny says:

    Ahh, just like old times…….me choking in my seat with laughter…….coffee dripping from the monitor…….

  23. 1sttofight says:

    Weren’t there questions surrounding finances at that place she bought in Texas? I thought I read about there here a long time ago.

    Yes, she had to get someone else to buy it for her because no one would sell her any land in Crawford.

  24. Liberals Demise says:

    Is it just me or are Cindys ACORNS bigger than others? Is that an Adams Apple and 5 o clock shadow?

  25. wardmama4 says:

    -‘Nancy Pelosi..(Douche…cal.)’- perfect SJ – just perfect.

  26. Odie44 says:

    According to her own idiot lackey, I’ll tally up the total cost:

    “Robo-calls”: roughly .02 a call.
    Fliers: $2.00
    window signs: $25
    “Planned print ad’s” Quarter page: $550, Whole page:$1,400.

    This guy is on to something. Instead of “intent” and “planned” spending – any serious, or legit campaign would just show you the total spent, with a break-down – not a wish list.

    She doesnt pay taxes, steals money from Katrina folks via the Red Cross with MickMoore, doesn’t work, takes money as a hand out, neer has even filed taxes, bought a new VW Beetle, etc.

    Isn’t this the so-called “greed and corruption” this shrill denounces?

    Only in liberal America folks can this moron get away with it…

  27. DEZ says:

    ” flopping bag of skin filled with walnuts”

    After cleaning the coffee from my monitor, I will have to find a way to scrub that image from my brain.
    Classic SJ!

  28. dulcimergrl says:

    Howdy SJ! I’ve been around, just laying low. I’ve experienced a variety of emotions this election cycle, most of them ranging from angry to furious to depressed to despairing. Thanks for bringing things up a notch by your eloquent remarks. I really needed a good laugh.

  29. sheehanjihad says:

    judging by the response, I think I will have to trash the snag more often! Even though I was coerced into it by DW and JohnMG…..right. I enjoy giving all of you a real good laugh especially now that there is scarcely anything to laugh about. The snag will continue though, living in her own private area of reality, and I will be here, to jump at the chance to give you guys something to laugh over at her expense. Thank you all!

  30. GTBurns says:

    I wonder how long it will be before she shares the same fate of Madylin Murray Ohare, who went missing it it was later found she was robbed and killed by a former ex-con worker she pissed off with her “sunny personality”.

  31. sheehanjihad says:

    GTBurns….not soon enough!

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