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Sheehan’s Soldier-Hanging “Artist” Friends

Remember Stephen and Virginia Pearcy? That lovable couple who hung a US soldier in effigy on the front of their abode in Sacramento?

This is actually the Pearcys’ second or even third effigy. The first featured the soldier hanging from a noose with the words "Your Tax Dollars At Work." It was quickly torn down by offended citizens. The Pearcys then erected this one, without the noose.

And, yes, that is the flag of the "Iraqi resistance." Another window displays the Palestinian flag:

Turns out Cindy Sheehan attended a rally in Sacramento, to support the Pearcys. She praised them for their courage. They are now returning the favor:

Cindy Sheehan Support Rally Saturday (16th & Broadway 6:30PM)

From Stephen Pearcy

Hello everyone!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Cindy Sheehan has George Bush on the run. According to yesterday’s Washington Post, "Sheehan’s protest has created a delicate situation for the White House, which has resisted being drawn into a public battle with a woman who lost a son in Iraq."

While the national spotlight is on Bush is the ideal time to apply pressure! Many people I know are already on the way to Crawford. Many others want to go but either can’t afford the trip or can’t take time off from work, etc.

For those who want to support Ms. Sheehan, but can’t go, there’s an alternative. Today and this weekend, support rallies will occur in many cities across the nation.

Several people have suggested that it would be great to have a rally at 16th and Broadway tomorrow (Saturday) night from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Virginia and I want to encourage as many people as possible to gather friends and come out to 16th and Broadway with banners and signs that read, "GEORGE MEET WITH CINDY!," etc.

Admittedly, this is short notice; but if you can make it, it will be great!

Best regards,

Stephen & Virginia Pearcy

Sacramento For Democracy

It’s weird. Just like the communist front, Democracy Now!–Sacramento For Democracydoesn’t want democracy for Iraq either. Democracy for me, but not for thee.

And speaking of "Your Tax Dollars At Work ":

A painting titled "T’anks to Mr. Bush!" by attorney-artist Stephen Pearcy, is displayed in the Department of Justice cafeteria in Sacramento.

Sacramento Union

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