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Cindy Sheehan VFP Pals Leech Off Red Cross

Veterans For Peace, the rabid hate-America group who’s impeachment tour Cindy Sheehan glommed on to, has decided to try to milk the Katrina disaster for their own nefarious ends.

The VFP claim they are supporting the Red Cross with power, medical supplies, kitchen services — and even internet communications and trained medical personnel. (Sure they are.)

The VFP then list what they need — which turns out is everything: power, medical supplies, a kitchen, doctors.

Lastly but not leastly, these heroes would like some really really fancy computer and multi-media equipment–to support the Red Cross, doncha know:

Cindy Sheehan and friend pose in front of the VFP’s Impeachment Tour bus

Hurricane Katrina Real News

We have set up a permanent Camp Casey at the Pine View Middle School, 1115 West 28th Street, Covington, LA. We are supporting The Red Cross with power and medical supplies and kitchen service, food bank, and distribution and Internet communications and trained medical personnel.

Volunteer Kitchen, Food Bank and Distribution Center
Pine View Middle School
1115 West 28th Street Covington, LA. 70434

Veterans For Peace Chapter 116 C/O
645 Kimbro Drive, Baton Rouge, LA. 70808

We are using the school to support Veterans For Peace hurricane relief efforts from Covington, LA. for the people of the region.

Make a donation to Veterans For Peace Chapter 116

We will use this money for the relief efforts. We still Need Trained Volunteers & Specific Donations (see below)

Most importantly: (This list will change!)

#1 Volunteers

#2 Baby Food Formula, diapers #4, #5, wips, pedialite.

#3 Adult Depends, Steril Gloves, Electrolites


#5 KITCHENS (SELF CONTAINED) with generators, utensils, workers


Our Mobile Media Center is on the bus with wireless Internet via Satellite. We are using our computer to communicate needs and direct refugees to services and document damage in the poorest effected areas.

We need to have more tools and software to be truely effective.

(5) Apple iMac G5 Computer 20" Monitor = $3,000 each
(5) 500 Gigabyte Firewire Harddrive= $500 each
(5) Canon XL2Digital Video Camera = $4,500 each
(2) Digital Projector (3000 lumens) =$1,000 each
(5) Apple iPods with recording = $600 each

Monthly Satellite Access and Website Hosting Fee = $200 pr/mo

Donations for our multi media equipment will support refugees, volunteers, Red Cross, staff, press, keep in touch through via email, web, blogs, and teleconferencing.

In order to insure our message gets out

Cash donations are always needed and are Tax Deductible!

Veterans For Peace Chapter 116
28500 Sherwood Rd
Willits CA 95490
Cell PH 707-536-3001

$3,000 a piece monitors? $600 a pop iPods? I’m sure the Red Cross is in dire need of such essential things.

(In fact, the Red Cross is far ahead of the game when it comes to internet communications technology. The idea that they would need these VFP tyros for support is side-splitting.)

But what is this?

On another page at the VFP site relating to the Impeachment bus tour and totally unrelated to any support of the Red Cross, we find a strangely similar request:

Mobile Multi Media & Internet Access Bus

Here is the needs list for the bus!

(1) Satelite Mobile Internet Unit = $5,000

(1) Apple iMac G5 Computer 20" Monitor = $3,000
(1) 500 Gigabyte Firewire Harddrive = $500
(1) Canon XL2 Digital Video Camera = $4,500
(1) Digital Projector (3000 lunens) =$1000
(2) Apple iPods with recording mics = $600
(1) Canon Printer = $200
(40) Mini DV Tape = $200
(40) DVD Blanks = $200


Monthly Satelite Access Fee = $200 pr/mo

Website Hosting = $50 pr/mo

We are asking you to help us get the word out to the world that there are veterans who beleave we did not have the right to invade Iraq. We want to help them express how they feal when they come home. We want to let them know that we care! And since we are veterans of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Afganistan and Iraq. We are trusted to present them in a respectfull light.

Donations for our traveling multi media equipment will keep our guest speakers and support staff press, sponsors, members, in touch through via email, web, blogs, and teleconferencing.

In order to insure our message get out the way we want it, we most maintain control of the message content as well as the context.

Again, please note. This page has nothingto do with Katrina victims relief. It has everything to do with the VFP’s real mission, which is to help the US lose the War In Iraq (and every war everywhere) and to impeach President Bush.

Mind you, there is no bus down in Louisiana. They are set up in a school. (Which probably has broadband.)

The VFP’s buses are all out doublecrisscrossing the country, burning up fossil fuels for their three pronged Impeachment Tours–starring (when she shows up) Mother Sheehan.

No, the VFP wants this fancy media and computer equipment for their bus tours. To get their hate-America message out. And they are even willing to resort to making bogus claims of "supporting" the Red Cross to get it. (As well as some cash and other shiny objects.)

If I may, I’d like to suggest another thing the bravos at Veterans For Peace should add to their long request list — a conscience. It’s clearly what they need most of all.


This wonderous news has been posted by the VFP at the anti-Semitic Crawford Peace House’s site:

On The Way:
LAN network For Covington, LA
5KW- 10KW Generator
Commercial Ice Maker

The Red Cross is saved!

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