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Zimbabwe Told: Vote For Mugabe Or Die

From Australia’s Sidney Morning Herald:

President Robert Mugabe speaks at the country’s Independence celebrations in the capital Harare April 18, 2008.

It’s Mugabe or death, voters told

Chris McGreal in Harare
April 22, 2008

ZIMBABWE’S Health Minister armed himself with a Kalashnikov and threatened to kill opposition supporters forced to attend a political meeting unless they voted for Robert Mugabe in a second round of the presidential election, witnesses say.

The accounts of the incident involving David Parirenyatwa – and witness reports of other forced meetings at which ZANU-PF MPs and senior military officers oversaw the beating of people who voted against Mr Mugabe in last month’s elections – establish a direct link between the highest levels of the ruling party and what the opposition Movement for Democratic Change is calling a “war” against the people.

An affidavit made before a commissioner of oaths by an opposition activist names Dr Parirenyatwa, along with a deputy minister and other senior ruling party officials, as threatening to kill MDC supporters.

“[They] came to Musama business centre in Murewa and threatened MDC supporters with death if they ‘revote’ MDC in the anticipated election rerun,” the affidavit says. “Shops were forced to close down; people were forced to attend the ZANU-PF rally.”

On Sunday electoral officials announced a delay in the partial recount of the disputed March 29 election. The delay increased opposition concern about possible vote-rigging by ZANU-PF.

The recount could overturn the results of the parliamentary election, which showed ZANU-PF losing its majority to the MDC for the first time. Results of the parallel presidential election have not been made public, but the MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, now in exile in South Africa, says he won.

A run-off election will be called if the recount shows that neither side won at least 50 per cent of the presidential vote…

Seeing this headline Mrs. Clinton must be thinking to herself: “If it were only that easy.”

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