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Cleaver: Blacks Are Targeted By House Ethics

From the Politico:

Cleaver: ‘Concern’ on ethics probes of black lawmakers

By: John Bresnahan
May 17, 2012 08:09 PM EDT

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, wants to know why black lawmakers are being targeted in ethics investigations at a far higher rate than their non African-American colleagues.

Could it be because they seem to have done more unethical things?

Besides, lest we forget, these investigations were initiated way back in 2009, when the Democrats held the majority in the House, and the Speaker was the liberal saint, Nancy Pelosi. And we know that Democrats cannot be racist.

And the Missouri Democrat, in a letter to Reps. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) and Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.), the chairman and ranking member of the Ethics Committee, also demanded that they, as well four other Republicans serving on the secretive panel, step down from the committee until a special counsel finishes looking into how Ethics has handled the case against Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.).

Bonner, Sanchez and the four Republicans have [already] recused themselves from the Waters matter while Billy Martin, the outside counsel, conducts his review.

In other words, the House Ethics Committee investigation of Maxine Waters is already being run entirely by Democrats. And still Cleaver isn’t happy. He wants the committee to be entirely run by Democrats for the foreseeable future.

The Waters case has been dragging on for three years, and it is still unclear when it will be completed

Waters has been accused of improperly intervening during the 2008 U.S. financial crisis on behalf of a minority-owned bank where her husband served on the board and owned stock

Politico fails to mention that Ms. Walters is actually accused of having her friend Barney Frank arrange to have her husband’s bank receive TARP funds, even though it did not qualify for them.

The issue has gained new urgency as Waters is in line to become ranking member of the Financial Services Committee in the next Congress, or even chairman if Democrats win control of the House. Waters has lobbied her colleagues and Democrat leaders for the job, yet any ethics violation would likely rule out her getting the position

After all, they need a moral paragon to replace Barney Frank, who is the current ranking Democrat member.

Currently, at least five black lawmakers – Waters and Reps. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.), Laura Richardson (D-Calif.), Jesse Jackson, Jr., (D-Ill.), and Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) – are undergoing Ethics Committee scrutiny

All of whom are famous for their unblemished backgrounds.

Cleaver suggested that in any investigation where a member’s due process rights have been violated, all charges be dismissed. While not mentioning Waters by name, that claim has been raised by her defense team in fighting the case against her.

"Due process"? Someone should remind Mr. Cleaver that Congress is not a court of law, and they can practically do whatever they want with regard to their members.

The Constitution says so.

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12 Responses to “Cleaver: Blacks Are Targeted By House Ethics”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    So he wants an ethics investigation of the ethics investigation as “too many” black lawmakers are under investigation, and if there’s been any slip-ups in the course of the investigation then the accused is give a “Get Out of Jail Free” card?

    Isn’t this a microcosm of the whole problem with “race relations” in this country? Never look at what they did, just the fact they’re accused–and it’s the system’s fault for accusing them, not the fact there’s evidence against them and they may be guilty? If “too many” are under investigation, maybe that’s just the way it is and they should own up to it rather than call everything racism.

    Mumble unprintable words………..

  2. untrainable says:

    I tend to consider the congressional black caucass, the very concept of which is racist at it’s core, a criminal leaning organization anyway. The membership boasts some of the most experienced and accomplished criminals in congress. Maxine Waters herself threatening government takeovers of oil companies… for our own good. At the very least, she should be arrested for breaking her oath of office for what’s actually on the official public record.

    Why are there more ethical questions of blacks than whites in congress? That should be looked into… as soon as we get all the current investigations overwith. MAY THE INNOCENT GO FREE, and the guilty face up to and pay dearly for their crimes. With criminal charges, not a wrist slap and a speech by Pelosi. After the process they are due, of course.

    If there is any question about whether or not Maxine Waters is guilty of actually stealing from the people to save her husband’s bank, fine. But let’s not say, while acknowledging that she did the stealing, that what she did wasn’t wrong. Let’s not hear an argument that states that she operated ethically through the whole affair. And as far as due process, I’d like to actually see some.To actually see Maxine Waters get the process that she is truly due, would almost certainly end in the perp walk to end all perp walks. I have a visual of Maxine… hysterical, in handcuffs, being led from the floor by at least 4 capitol police officers, screaming “RACIST” at the top of her lungs until she pops the softball sized snot bubble she’s been blowing since they cuffed her.

    Just the thought makes me smile. I know it’s just a dream… But maybe someday Dorothy. Maybe someday.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I think all this is a somehow “natural” form of evolution. In other words, before equilibrium can be reached, there has to be some obligatory whining and elocution involved until that portion of the population passes trough the bell curve and trundles off into obscurity. I mean, those people who include the race-baiters, white apologists, self-appointed doers of all things “right and correct” for justice. They have always been part of society.

      What makes it so annoying is that the media goes looking for it and sometimes even fabricates it, as we have just seen with the Martin thingy.

      Perhaps there is a bigger agenda and I wouldn’t rule that out but for me, I live my life and though I see it, I don’t pay it a whole lot of attention. When I deal with people on a day-to-day basis, the probability of my running into yet another ignorant a**hole is about 50/50. The odds go up if I’m talking about being in traffic.

      I generally don’t care much for people until I get to know them a little and then, sometimes it’s a run-for-the-door, get me outta here kind of reaction while other times it’s a pleasant experience. I’m not interested in making friends anymore so much as I am in being left alone. It’s a , “Stay out of my lane, don’t tailgate me”, kind of thing. I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me.

      There are literally millions of people who drive the wrong way in the parking lot, who talk loud on their cellphones in restaurants, who have no sense of manners, other than bad. Either they’ve grown in number or people just get tired of objecting to their actions. While going in a store a few weeks ago I cussed a guy for taking up the whole parking lot with his pickup and trailer leaving no one any room to navigate. He got out of his truck and wanted to fight me. I told him to grow up. Sure enough, when I came out of the store, I found a nail pounded into my tire sidewall. So he “really showed me”.

      There are those who say I instigated it. However, the responsibility for all the things that went wrong were on the part of said a**hole. He blocked everyone else and he didn’t care. When called on it, he got belligerent. Most likely, he’s been kicked out of a lot of places where people gather socially for his bad behavior. But he goes through life with his police record of various assaults and thefts and vandalizings and continues to think he’s right. He hates people with money because they “took it from him” somehow. Or, “they think they’re better than me” which is most likely true since he can’t hold his temper and cannot admit when he’s got crap on his shoes and has walked on the white carpet. Or, he actually takes pleasure in ticking people off while doing it.

      Such has been the world since the world began. The racist BS is just an extension of the lack of clear thinking in society. These are the people we all went to school with who never seemed to get it together. Never understood why they had to do their homework, bring a pencil and not sleep in class.

      But only recently has this legacy of behavior been not only tolerated but encouraged. Being hip somehow has also morphed into behaving so badly that other people find you “one of them” because they, themselves f**k up so regularly they cannot hold a job, keep a relationship or stay out of jail. They are the have-nots and are have-nots for a very good reason. They have chosen to BE the have-nots.

      And the have-nots have a large contingency in the black community, such as it is a “community”. They kill each other with remarkable regularity, have a huge segment of up-and-coming criminals and see the world through perpetually angry eyes. They have never been taught and never had the inclination to learn. Put the two together and you have ignorance of critical mass. Ever read the stories about the poor black people who win the lottery? They never bother to check on them five years down the road when they are flat broke, drug-addicted and abandoned by any/all who they knew. When you’re that stupid and ignorant, wealth makes you just that much more obvious, not happier. Many get scammed out of a $50,000 win by people of their own race who promise them they can make them even richer.

      But again, this is not a black-centralized issue. Stupidity begets more stupidity. And the government has been complicit in graduating stupid people from high schools and universities. I had a friend in the military who had a degree in physical education. He knew next to nothing. He knew none of the state capitals. He knew nothing about interest on a loan. Yup, college degreed idiot. He was my friend and I tolerated his ignorance and never corrected him or made him feel stupid but sometimes it was annoying. Like, tipping the servers when we all went out to lunch. He did not get the concept of what a tip was. When explained he rolled his eyes and couldn’t believe that it had been going on in this country for quite some time. He’d actually never heard of such a thing. He made fun of me when the server came around with the tea jug and I simply put my hand over the top of my glass, indicating that I didn’t want any more. He thought that was rude. Everyone was talking and I was in the middle of listening and I didn’t want to interrupt. So, what I did was the socially acceptable way to say “no thank you” to a server.

      I proved it by getting a book on table manners and highlighted the passage that indicated it as appropriate restaurant behavior. He rolled his eyes again and couldn’t believe it.

      But to shorten all this, I have to agree with Ronald Reagan, via Mark Twain when he said, “It’s not that our liberal friends are stupid; It’s that they know so much that isn’t so.”

      This guy had some interesting ideas but never had been outside of South Carolina and his first venture into the big, bold world left him stymied as to how big this nation really is and that there were “so many white people”.

      And, he called me a racist and that ended the friendship.

      Oh well. Sucks to be him. Long road for him ahead no doubt.

    • yadayada says:

      Rusty — I’ve worked in law enforcement (various capacities) for over 20 yrs.
      I never met a criminal who didn’t think the way you describe in your monologue

    • Petronius says:

      Rusty: “They are the have-nots and are have-nots for a very good reason. They have chosen to BE the have-nots.”

      Exactly. Scratch the surface of every Have-Not and you’ll generally find a Will-Not, Do-Not, or Can-Not.

  3. yadayada says:

    obfuscation is a typical lib tactic – accuse the investigators of malfeasence rather than admit the guilt in their own ranks.
    in this case tho, “muddy the waters” has two meanings.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Maybe, Mr. Cleaver, for the same reason approximately 46% of the US prison population is Black, even though The U.S. population of African Americans is 13%.

    Look to your own house, sir.

    And get your scatology together.

  5. bobdog says:

    Suppose somebody just told them with a straight face that it’s an affirmative action thing and we’re trying to make up for past neglect?

  6. The Congressional Black Caucus. Not to be confused with the Congressional White Black Caucus.

    Rep. Emanuel Cleaver(D) is a textbook case of ‘don’t get between me and a TV camera.’

    I’m ashamed to have him represent me (and the entire MO 5th) in Congress.

  7. Tater Salad says:

    NAACP goes “Queer” on America. Go figure! Maybe it is to show support of our now out of the closet “Gay President” who supports same sex and same sex marriage:


  8. wirenut says:

    Rusty, I don’t know who said it first, but here it goes. It’s far better to be alone, than wish you were. Haw!
    I’ve also had some parking lot crudeness by others. If you call people on their rude or boorish behavior, you pay a price. My personal favorite, the convenience store\gas station park at the pumps go shopping and not get gas thing.
    Rather than saying “I’m Sorry” or “My Bad” for being inconsiderate and self-absorbed. They lash out at me for bringing up their stupidity in public, in front of others. Get in to the “me” crowd, and this is what we get.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      You reminded me of the Volt commercial for the Superbowl. Nobody seemed to pick up on the fact that the driver parked his car right in the damn way. Not a parking place but instead, close to the door so he wouldn’t have to walk far. Probably interfering with “swing room” for getting to a pump, depending on the station.

      I have tried and failed at being patient with God’s less-gifted. Even at work when a gaggle of people are going the opposite direction on the stairs, all spread out and I’m the bad guy for keeping to the right and thus, “making” them move. I watched “Falling Down” again recently and really felt like Bill foster.

      Ya–Just–Get–Sick–Of–It. (And them)

      Pick up a bottle of car wax, find out that it’s been opened, the plastic seal removed and half of it missing.

      Stand in line, turn around to look at the “impulse-buy” rack and turn back around to find someone has moved in front of you and is unloading their cart.

      Pull up to the air hose at the gas station to find that someone has destroyed the nozzle.

      Anything the public uses in that sense will get destroyed. Some years ago, watched as a young lad had a tantrum at the ATM when he was declined any cash. He wrecked the face of the machine with a rock he had found. I had no cellphone at the time (1980’s) but would have moved away and quietly called the police if I saw it today.

      I’m not unique. This stuff happens all the time. Living in a rural area, every single time I drive, I’ll come around a bend and some other car will be halfway in my lane, and will “allow” me room by moving back into theirs.

      I do take solace in the fact that in spite of all the bad human behavior we still seem to survive. The most comical event to date was the girl on the speaker at Burger King who kept interrupting me and I finally said, “Are you ordering from me or am I ordering from you?” and when there was silence, I drove off and went elsewhere.

      I find that I’ve become intolerant and impatient with patent stupidity. I need to work a mechanism in my own mind where I can convince myself that it just doesn’t matter and not to allow myself to get frustrated but to just walk away from it.

      I suppose it’s not anything unique but it seems that where I live I encounter the charter members of Stupid, Inc. Oh to be a multi-billionaire and live on my own little island. I guess I can still have fun when I’m in line behind the truly lackluster and listen to their complaints on a return or why they don’t have their receipt, etc.

      There was a Bill Cosby episode where he needed a ball-inflation needle and the comedy was centered on the bureaucratic hoops he had to jump through to get one. Absolute gold.

      We, as a society, manage on a regular basis to set traps for ourselves at every opportunity. Then we get mad at the guy who figures out how to not get snagged by one of them.

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