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Cleland: “Reid’s Most Ethical Man I Know”

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Reid's land deal free of scandal; GOP on witch hunt

Published on: 10/17/06

In an Oct. 13 editorial, the AJC called on Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to "look in the mirror first" on congressional ethics.

Reid has been a friend and mentor to me for almost a decade. He is one of the most ethical men I know.

This story is simple. In 1998, Reid bought land. In 2004, he sold it. For the six years in between, he told everyone — including Congress — that he owned the land.

The only serious question is whether he made a technical error in how he described his ownership of the land. So now Reid has done the right thing and asked the Senate Ethics Committee to clarify the matter. If the ethics committee finds Reid needs to issue a correction, it will probably be as simple as adding an asterisk to the existing report. This story is much ado about an asterisk.

Compare that effort to clear up any mistake to a Republican leadership in Congress that knew about a sexual predator in their ranks for perhaps as many as five years and chose to cover it up rather than ensure that the teenage children sent to the Capitol each year were fully protected.

This latest tempest in a teapot is nothing more than a smear campaign by Republicans desperate to hold on to a Congressional majority they've done nothing to deserve.

Republicans in Washington have no ideas for the future and no solutions to clean up their mistakes. All they have left is baseless charges.

I am disgusted by these latest attacks — it's a dirty trick I know all too well. Republicans distribute misleading propaganda in the hope that malicious lies will distort honest truths. They used the same tactics against me four years ago, and I will not let them succeed this time.

The Republican Congress has failed in Iraq, failed on health care, raised taxes on the middle class and made America less safe. It's time for change in this country. GOP leaders think smearing a good man is a substitute for effective leadership, but I'm proud to say Democratic leaders such as Reid are fighting to take America in a new direction.

It's not stated whether Mr. Cleland is out of rehab yet, or whether this editorial is still the ravings of a drunk exacerbated by Bush derangement syndrome.

He is one of the most ethical men I know.

This a sad testimony to Mr. Cleland’s circle of acquaintances.

But since he is a Democrat, it is quite possible.

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