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COP15 Activists Slam ‘Climate Criminals’

From their allies on the barricades at Reuters:

A protester holds a smoke flare during a demonstration in central Copenhagen December 11, 2009.

Copenhagen police detain 68 climate activists

December 11, 2009

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Police in the Danish capital said they had detained 68 people at street demonstrations during the U.N. climate conference on Friday.

Activist groups had urged their followers to disrupt business and meetings at 15 corporations and industry lobby groups, accusing them of being "climate criminals."

But a police spokesman said the activists, numbering several hundred, did not enter the premises of the companies and business organizations they had marked on a map of the city to lay out the day’s actions to participants.

Police, some wearing riot helmets, followed activists as they wound through the narrow streets of central Copenhagen to the sound of drums, whistles and horns and chants of "Our climate – Not your business."

The procession then split up, with activists fanning out to several locations, including the venue of a business conference…

A photocopied map distributed to activists declared: "The goal of the day’s action is to disrupt the corporations involved in the (climate conference) process, as well as other corporate climate criminals."

Friday’s street action was a foretaste of a demonstration scheduled for Saturday which non-governmental organizations have said they expect to draw tens of thousands of demonstrators.

Lest we forget, that Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr. Gore himself called upon youths to take up civil disobedience against the practitioners of ‘global warming.’ (Perhaps he should be held legally responsible.)

We are only surprised that the local authorities arrested this noble protesters and not the corporate criminals.

But that will come.

By the way, check out the protesters’ use of smoke flares.

Isn’t irony ironic?

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5 Responses to “COP15 Activists Slam ‘Climate Criminals’”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Nose pickin peaceniks – Hypocrits each & everyone!

  2. pianogirl88 says:

    One of my former students (piano lessons, nothing political) is in Copenhagen for the demonstrations, hoping she’ll get arrested. Perhaps her wish will come true. Stupid, stupid kids!

  3. beautyofreason says:

    Gee, I love how the protesters call business people making a living “criminals,” when those same environmentalists would likely prefer a society where there are mandatory birth limits, strict regulation on everything from cars to light bulbs, and income redistribution that insures that the successful are punished and the lax are rewarded – quite possibly in the vein of the Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

    And furthermore, I love how these tyrannical, anti-capitalist ideas have found an outlet in the environmentalist movement. It’s not about the carbon – or the whales, or the eggs in Africa – it’s about how much you can force people to restrict trade, progress, industrialization – the very reasons we are alive and thriving.

  4. GL0120 says:

    Obama was all set to have Eric Holder drop all charges until he realized that he does not YET have jurisdiction over the world.

  5. canary says:

    I read several thousand would be protesting against the fraudulent global warmers? no coverage?

    On a cheerful note, Canary cheerful?

    I always check out the books in the everything is a dollar store, never nothing new, usually same bibles, kids books, but today…. canned books were Gore’s Noble Peace Prize Speech unique covered book, (other NPP winner and Pultzer winner, & A Global book Darwins Children (sp?) full of global terror, & Caroline Kennedy selection of mama Kennedy’s poems,
    and plenty of two books both based on Bush destroying America, and last but least
    ” God and Hillary” Clinton (something about her spiritual being) who’d have guessed. Nicely covered expensive books that will sit in the store forever, as the rest do.

    And they had paper covered “American Islam: the Struggle for the Soul of a Religion” by Paul Barret who also authored “The Good Black”
    the back cover filled with support of other anti-American authors, “After Jihad..” “.. Why I Am a Muslim; and an another anti-American writer whose writing full of spew towards Tthe American Military, and what a rare gift the Muslims in America are to us by author of “In the Land of Magic Soldiers”.
    I’m sure Obama has read them all.

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