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Climate Is The Cause Of Conflict In Africa

From the true believers at BBC News:

[BBC caption:] Climate has been cited as a factor behind civil conflict in Darfur.

Climate ‘is a major cause’ of conflict in Africa

By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Climate has been a major driver of armed conflict in Africa, research shows – and future warming is likely to increase the number of deaths from war.

US researchers found that across the continent, conflict was about 50% more likely in unusually warm years.

Writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), they suggest strife arises when the food supply is scarce in warm conditions.

Climatic factors have been cited as a reason for several recent conflicts.

One is the fighting in Darfur in Sudan that according to UN figures has killed 200,000 people and forced two million more from their homes.

Previous research has shown an association between lack of rain and conflict, but this is thought to be the first clear evidence of a temperature link.

The researchers used databases of temperatures across sub-Saharan Africa for the period between 1981 and 2002, and looked for correlations between above average warmth and civil conflict in the same country that left at least 1,000 people dead.

Warm years increased the likelihood of conflict by about 50% – and food seems to be the reason why.

"Studies show that crop yields in the region are really sensitive to small shifts in temperature, even of half a degree (Celsius) or so," research leader Marshall Burke, from the University of California at Berkeley, told BBC News.

"If the sub-Saharan climate continues to warm and little is done to help its countries better adapt to high temperatures, the human costs are likely to be staggering."

Conflicting outcomes

If temperatures rise across the continent as computer models project, future conflicts are likely to become more common, researchers suggest.

Their study shows an increase of about 50% over the next 20 years.

When projections of social trends such as population increase and economic development were included in their model of a future Africa, temperature rise still emerged as a likely major cause of increasing armed conflict.

"We were very surprised to find that when you put things like economic growth and better governance into the mix, the temperature effect remains strong," said Dr Burke.

At next month’s UN climate summit in Copenhagen, governments are due to debate how much money to put into helping African countries prepare for and adapt to impacts of climate change.

"Our findings provide strong impetus to ramp up investments in African adaptation to climate change by such steps as developing crop varieties less sensitive to extreme heat and promoting insurance plans to help protect farmers from adverse effects of the hotter climate," said Dr Burke.

Nana Poku, Professor of African Studies at the UK’s Bradford University, suggested that it also pointed up the need to improve mechanisms for avoiding and resolving conflict in the continent.

"I think it strengthens the argument for ensuring we compensate the developing world for climate change, especially Africa, and to begin looking at how we link environmental issues to governance," he said.

"If the argument is that the trend towards rising temperatures will increase conflict, then yes we need to do something around climate change, but more fundamentally we need to resolve the conflicts in the first place."

This explains why there were never any conflicts in Africa before ‘global warming.’

Who can doubt such science?

By the way, you can find latest list of things caused by ‘global warming’ here.

Note that there are still more things listed at the bottom of the page, but their links have gone bad.

(Thanks to BannedbytheTaliban for the heads up.)

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6 Responses to “Climate Is The Cause Of Conflict In Africa”

  1. Confucius says:


    I hope someone tells George Clooney genocide is no longer the cause.

    And when Sally Struthers finally puts down the fork and spoon, I hope someone tells her poverty is not the cause either.

    But perhaps we can spare Desmond Tutu. He won a Nobel, you know.

  2. proreason says:

    Yes, Africans used to live in complete harmony until Global Warming kicked in when Al Toad discovered it in 1991.

    Other than that evil colonialism thing, of course, which also interrupted the love.

    And of course, that arpartheid thing. And many other evils inflicted by white men.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Bovine Scatology

    The devil is the cause of ‘conflict’ in Africa.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    Yeah, I’m sure it has nothing to do with tribal warfare, ethnic hatred (Rwanda 1993 – Tutsis and Hutus), blood diamonds, HIV transmission, rabid superstition (In Kenya, they still burn “witches”), radical Islam (Somalia), mass rapes / amputations / land mines / female genital mutilation and other forms of hell.

    Sure, there are only conflicts in Africa because of whitey driving an SUV, loosening a belt notch and ordering ice water at a restaurant in Pasadena.

    Japan doesn’t grow a lot of food, yet they have a high standard of living and are a leading exporter of electronics. Israel doesn’t have a lot of oil reserves, but they have innovated and made profitable greenhouse industries in the desert, despite being surrounded by fanatical Muslims obsessed with conflict.

    Africa has no excuse. Sorry. Their governments suck – and have sucked long before the global warming hysteria.

    Global warming – the perfect way to blame all of the world’s problems on the United States and European countries without looking prejudiced. After all, the tyrants work with the approval of liberal consciences.

  5. canary says:

    The earlier tribal killings were the norm only changing to more modern day war with guns. Some from my church go there to drill wells, and they won’t learn, or build the wells themsleves.

    I think anyone or country would perfer to fight more when it’s warm. But, the coupes the going back to voo doo, increase in eating children to cure discease, or turning the children into fighting machines. Heat can cause irritability, but this article doesn’t mention, as I’ve yet to see warmer termperatures than in the past.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    Another bookmark for the “Evidence that Radical Environmentalism is Nothing more than Spiritual Paeganism/Scientific Naturalism” folder.

    Perhaps the true culprit is Amun Ra, the Egyptian sun-god.

    ..Amazing how well this has historically coupled itself with the redistribution of wealth.. and self-worshipping tyrants. We’re truly fighting the modern religion of the self here, people. Walking, talking middle fingers to the lessons of the first commandment.

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